Remove color noise from the photo.

We continue to get acquainted with the color space Lab, which is often used by professionals.

This method allows you to remove color noise from the image without disturbing the detail and contrast of the image, and therefore is often used in professional photo processing.
So let’s get started:

Open the photo and translate it into Lab mode.
(Image – Mode – Lab/ Image – Mode – Lab)

Press CTRL + 2 to activate the channel. a.
Apply Filter – Noise – Dust and Scratches (Filter – Noise – Dust and scratch). Filter settings depend on the image resolution and amount of noise. In most cases, the radius value does not exceed 4-5 pixels.

Press CTRL + 3 to activate the channel. b. Apply the same filter. If you want to apply it with the same settings, press CTRL + F, if with others, press CTRL + ALT + F.

Next, press CTRL + ~ to go to the normal image.

That’s all! See how easy?

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