Restore colors on the old photo

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll restore an old, color-lost photo.

Look at her:

To the naked eye, you can see that the photo was made through red glass!

Colors can be easily and quickly restored using Curves or Levels.

Duplicate the background layer. Click at the bottom of the layers palette on the button. – add a new adjustment layer. Select Curves there (Curves).

The Curves dialog box appears, where you will definitely find three pipettes:

Take the rightmost pipette (“white”) and click it on the brightest part of your image.

* This lesson is made in the Russian version of Photoshop CS3, so if your Curves window doesn’t look like mine, don’t be intimidated.

The photo should be lightened.

Now we take the blackest dropper and click on the dark area on the photo.

The image has become very contrast. Nothing! After all, we still have a “gray” pipette. Take it and click on the gray tone, here I clicked on the pantyhose.

You can try more than one point, and click and search for an area until you are satisfied with the result.

After the “pipetting” operation, you can correct the Curves through the individual channels, if you think that some color (red, green or blue) prevails in the photo.

I corrected the red channel quite a bit.

And that’s what I got as a result:

The same could be done with Levels.

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