Retouch studio portrait in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to retouch studio portraits correctly.
Before and after.

Here is the original image. The picture was taken well, but it looks somehow boring. In the program Photoshop learn how to bring to mind the captured images. Open our image.

Let’s start first by removing the background. For this, I used a filter Extract (Extract) and Color Range (Color range). First remove the background with the command Filter> Extract (Filter – Extract). We still have some parts of the background in the area of ​​hair, so we will finalize it with a team Color Range (Color range).

Then execute the command Select> Color Range (Selection – Color Range) to highlight the area of ​​hair that was poorly processed by the filter Pull out.

Now we have a selection mask in this layer. Name the layer “Mask”.

Now we can add a gradient to the background. Adding a gradient to the background is an easy and effective way to remove the boring background. Here is a preview of how the layers will look at the end.

To create a gradient for the background, we will use the “Mask” layer. Click Ctrl + click on layer thumbnail, to load the selection. Navigate Select> Inverse (Selection – Invert selection). Then Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient (Layer – Fill New Layer – Gradient).

Set the following fill layer settings.

Gradient Parameters.

At the end, putOpacity (Transparency) 50% of this layer.

Create a new layer “Brighten and Dim”. Put this layer above the rest. Change Blending mode (Layer blend mode) on Soft Light (Soft light).

Run the command Edit> Fill (Edit – Fill) and set the following parameters.

The layer must be filled with 50% gray.

Add a layer mask. Make sure that the layer you just created is active. Then click Ctrl + click on the “Mask” layer thumbnail and click on the “add a layer mask” layer palette. You should have it.

Work tool Burn Tool (Dimmer) part of the girl’s face, her hair and hands. Then instrument Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​the remaining areas of the model’s face.

Before and after applying the dimmer and clarifier.

Now you need to give brightness to the eyes. The Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer will help us in this. Run the command Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Brightness / Contrast (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness / Contrast).
Layer the name “Brightness of the eyes.”

Install Brightness (Brightness) 50 and Contrast (Contrast) 33.

Select a mask for this layer, go Image> Adjustments> Invert (Image – Correction – Inversion). This inverts the layer mask from white to black.

Using Brush Tool (Brush) white, go over the eyes on the mask layer. You will see how the eyes become brighter. Then, go back to Brightness / Contrast and set the following parameters.

At the end, add shine to the hair. Let’s start with a quick selection. This can help us Magic Wand Tool (Magic Wand) to create a selection of the hair area in which we want to add shine.

Do not remove the selection, run the command Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient (Layer – Fill New Layer – Gradient). Place the layer above the “Eye Brightness” layer. Change blending mode layers on Overlay (Overlap). You should have such a picture.

Return to the Gradient setting. Set white to black fill, style Reflected (Reflected). Adjust Scale (scale) in which you want to add shine to hair.

Let’s fix the Gradient (Gradient). The gradient parameters are shown below. Move the top and middle sliders to the middle of the ruler, set the transparency and color.

Glitter hair we gave. But it may not look quite natural. At any time you can come back and correct hair color.
1. Click on the lower left slider of the ruler.
2. Click on Color and a color palette window will appear.
3. Take a sample from the hair to find the desired color.
4. Move the circle in the palette window to the upper left corner until natural shades of hair color appear.
5. Click OK three times to exit the gradient fill settings.

We have added shine to the hair, but if you look closely, you may notice shortcomings of our work.

We can easily eliminate this by blurring the layer mask. Select a mask layer with glitter hair, go Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur). Set the parameters as shown below.

If hair shine is applied to the skin, use a Minimum filter to hide it. Run the command Filter> Other> Minimum (Filter – Other – Minimum) and set the following parameter.

Here before and after adding gloss to your hair. You can add emphasis to the eyes by aligning the shine of the hair with the glitter of the eyes.

Original photo:

Final result:

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