Robot girl

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will turn an ordinary girl into a robot!

For this lesson we used these three photos:

Create a new layer on the photo with a girl (click Shift + Ctrl + N )
Select the tool – Pencil and draw the same box as in the picture. This scheme will support our next steps.

Create another layer
Select tool – Pen in shape mode: and start tracing the finished contour

When you finish the stroke, a solid thin line will appear.

After that, hold down the key Ctrl and click on the window with the figure:

You will notice that a selection appears.

Now with the active selection make invisible all layers except the main one with the girl (turn off the eyes)

Select a layer with a girl and click Ctrl + Shift + J (this action will copy the selection to a new layer)

Do the same with the second part. Then use the arrows on your keyboard to move the cut parts in different directions.

Now we need an image of some technique.
Open the appropriate image in Photoshop using the Move tool. Place the picture on top of the girl layer and change the layer blending mode to: Difference

Place the image as you like. Use the free transform (Ctrl + T) for turns or resizing.

Then select the eraser tool and erase all unnecessary parts:

The image with the technical filling, as well as pieces of leather should be given a little shadow – double click on the layer, the “Layer Styles” window will appear (Layer style) there select Inner shadow (inner shadow) – for technology, Drop shadow (drop the shadow) – for the skin.
Play with the settings.

By following the steps already listed, you can do the same with the hand of a girl.

Here’s a look at the result that you can get!

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