Rosette of mastic

In this short Photoshop tutorial, you will learn one of the ways to use Photoshop filter “glowing edges”

Open a photo of some gorgeous flower in Photoshop.

Click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the layer and continue to work on the copy.

Next, go to the menu Filter> Stylize> Glowing Edges (Filter – Stylization – Glowing edges)

If your photo is of good quality, then set such settings as in the figure below, and if not, choose the settings yourself, achieve a similar result.

Now change the blending mode (Mode) to Lighten (Screen) and transparency (Opacity) on 90%.

As you can see, the edges of the roses turned out with a white frill.

It feels like a rose mastic rosette.
Who does not know what is mastic, and how to prepare it, see here

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