Russian Winter

This simple lesson will show beginners how to use the Photoshop daytime winter landscape to give the effect of New Year’s magic.

IMPORTANT: all the settings below are not exact instructions for use. Each photo has its own characteristics. Therefore, you have to experiment a bit to achieve a similar result.

So, let’s begin. Open your chosen photo in Photoshop.

Apply filter Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Sharpness). Using a combination Ctrl + F, repeat the action a few times until the snow gets a slight glow.

Create a new layer. Set color foreground blue. Fill the layer with blue (Alt + Del, or use the tool paint bucket).

Install Blend mode (overlay mode) on Overlay (overlap) opacity (opacity level) by 50%.

Create a copy of the layer, it will make the image more juicy.

If you want to give the photo brightness, then duplicate the layer again, but change the settings Blend mode on Screen (clarification), and opacity on thirty%.

Now add a slight magic effect. For this we need a brush – stars.

Suitable brushes you can take here.

Or, you can create a brush yourself. To do this, create a new document size 200×200 pixels. Choose a tool Polygon (polygon), the number of sides (Sideset 4, and in the figure settings Polygon options set indent (depth of the rays) equal 93. You will have a star.

Now draw a star shape in the entire newly created document. Right-click on the shape layer, in the drop-down menu, select Rasterize layer (rasterize the layer). For that Edit – Define Brush (Edit – define brush). Now go to the main document with a photo.

Create a new layer. Choose a tool Brush, at the end of the set of brushes find your created one.
Brush size 40-60 pixels.
Spacing (distance) – 1000%.
Shape Dynamics (dynamics of form):
Size jitter (size fluctuations) – 99%
Minimum diameter (minimum diameter) – 15%.

Now feel free to draw the stars. To make the stars look complete, Layer – Layer Style – Outer glow. (Layer – Layer Style – Outer Glow).

Intermediate result.

Merge all layers Shift + Ctrl + E, create a copy of the layer, set Blend mode on Multiply (multiplication) and opacity by 50-60%.

Make a copy of the layer again and apply the filter. Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur). Blur radius 5-10px.

Set opacity for layer 20-25%.
Choose a large round brush in black with soft edges. On a new layer, brush around the edges of the photo. Blend mode on Color Burn (darkening base) and opacity on 50-60%.

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