Sad Angel in Photoshop

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to create emotional photo manipulation with an angel. First, I added a ready-made background image, and then added a stone statue of an angel.

To give the picture a mystical atmosphere, we use the Stars brush as well as the Rays of Light brushes. The adjustment layer, which is used in the final step, will add contrast to the whole scene, which will make the picture more dramatic.

Final result

Source materials:

This is the first time that I use a ready-made background, because I found a beautiful image of the Forest Path in the Ghost Forest that inspired me. I was fascinated not only by the beautiful color shades, but also by the mood of the whole image.

Open the image with the Angel. Move this image to our working paper. The good news is this image in PNG format, which will relieve me of the tedious process of selecting the image.

Apply scaling to the image of the angel in accordance with the size of the document, placing the angel in the center of the composition, as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, apply the filter Plastics (Liquify Tool) and using the tool Deformation (Forward Warp Tool), try to fix the angel’s wing, as shown in the screenshot below.

The color of the angel image is very different from the background color. To fix this, we need to add an adjustment layer. Color Balance (Color Balance). Apply the settings shown in the screenshot below:

Next, we will create a feeling as if an angel hovers above the ground. Choose a tool Eraser (Eraser Tool), install a ready-made special brush (Brush Noise), you can download the brush data set at the link at the beginning of this lesson. Hide part of the angel image, as shown in the screenshot below.

Create a new layer, name this layer “Dissolve Effect”. Using the same Noise brush, but this time select the tool Brush (Brush Tool), finish the missing lower part of the angel. Brush color pick up with the tool Pipette (Eyedropper Tool), for example, # 3d5153.

Create another new layer, but this time place it below the angel layer. Name this layer “Rays of Light”. Select the brush tool, the brush color is white. Draw rays of light in the background. Brushes Rays of Light, you can download the link at the beginning of this lesson.

On the “Rays of Light” layer, apply the filter twice. Smart Sharpen (Smart Sharpen Filter) so that the rays of light are more subtle. Change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light), layer opacity 50%.

Create a new layer. Using the Stars brush, add stars to our scene. Brush color is white. I used the brush number Sparkle 1 and Sparkle 4, as shown in the screenshot below.

As a final touch, I added a new layer, and using a soft white brush, I painted over the areas I decided to lighten. Change the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay), layer opacity 70%.

To add more contrast, add a new adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) on top of all layers, set the value contrast (contrast) at 20. Also add a soft vignette.

And we have completed the lesson!

Author: PSDDude

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