School of Magic in Photoshop

Final result

Necessary materials

Step 1. Create a new document of size 2560×1485 px.

Step 2. Before we begin, let’s make a simple concept sketch of the future collage. In this illustration, an experienced wizard teaches the student how to create tornadoes and whirlpools at the same time. He also created energy balls to protect himself if something goes out of control.

Step 3. Load the image with the wizards into Photoshop and delete the background with Magic wand tool (Magic wand) (W). Then we transfer them to the working paper.

Step 4. To create a dark and rainy atmosphere, we import a gray sky image into Photoshop and place it on the working canvas, as shown below.

Step 5. To make the sky look more dramatic, we need to add density to the clouds. Import the image with the clouds in Photoshop and position it above the gray clouds layer.

In order for the clouds to be the same, we need to discolor the “cloud 2” layer. Activate the layer, go to Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation) and reduce the parameter Desaturate (Discolor) to -61.

We only need clouds, so we take a soft eraser(E) and erase the excess part of the “cloud 2” layer.

Step 6. Now import the image of the river, which we will turn into the ocean. Place the layer with the river above the “cloud 2” layer.

We erase the sky from the ocean layer using Eraser tool (Eraser) (E).

Step 7. In this step we will create distant hills. Below, in the photo, you can see how the hills decrease as you move.

Let’s try to create something like this in our collage. We import the image with the hills and place it on the working canvas.

Remove the sky, leaving only the hills. Then discolor the hills and the water with Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) (-61).

Step 8. Now, using Stamp tool (Stamp) (S), remove the black bar in the ocean.

Step 9. Before we add storm effects, we need to create a spray from the water near the rock on which wizards stand. Import the image of the spray in Photoshop and on the channel panel, select the Red channel (Red).

Then go Image – Calculations (Image – Calculations) and from the drop-down menu Channel (Channel) select Red (Red).

Click OK. Now we have a new channel Alpha 1 (Alpha 1). Select this channel and activate Levels (Levels) (CTRL + L) to maximize the contrast between the spray and the background.

Then go Select – Load Selection (Selection – Load Selection) and in the drop-down menu, select the channel Alpha 1 (Alpha 1). We press OK, to create a selection around the spray.

Duplicate the selected area on the new layer (CTRL + J). Then we import the cut out splatter onto the working paper and place it behind the rock, as shown below.

Step 10. Repeating the previous step, create a spray around the rock.

Step 11. In this step we will create mountains. We import the image with the mountains on the shore to the working paper and place them on the left side of the canvas.

Using Eraser tool (Eraser) (E), erase the extra image areas. Then bleach the rocks with Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) (-61).

Step 12. In this step, we will create a green hill located closer to the previous ones. But before that, let’s look at the photo of the hills covered with fog below. As you can see, at the base of the mountain are covered with fog. Let’s try to create such an effect on the collage.

Import the image of the hill and place it on the left side of the canvas, adjust the size (CTRL + T).

Using Eraser tool (Eraser) (E), we erase the sky from the image of “Hill 2” and bleach it with Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) (-61).

To create an effect like in the photo, we will use the Fog brushes to draw a white haze.

Step 13. Let’s create a waterfall falling from the cliffs into the ocean on the left side of the image using the technique with which we added the rest of the composition.

Step 14. Activate the waterfall layer and go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with a radius of 0.8 px.

Also apply Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) to distant rocks.

Step 15. Using the “Clouds” brushes, paint white clouds to create a stormy sky effect.

Step 16. A fantastic scene will not be complete without a fantastic character. In this step, we will create tentacles for a young witch student. We use Brush tool (Brush) (B) to draw the outline of the tentacles.

Paint the outer part of the tentacles with black color, and the inner one with # 725e72.

Using soft brush (B), draw the shadow of the tentacles.

Then draw the lines on the inside of the tentacles with Pen tool (Feather) (P).

Step 17. In this step, we will create a staff for which both characters hold. Using Pen tool ( Pen) ​​(P), create a contour, then right-click on the contour and select Stroke path (Outline stroke). In the window that appears, select from the drop-down menu Brush (Brush). Before use Stroke path (Outline stroke) set the brush size to 3 px.

Add shadows and highlights on the staff.

Step 18. As a rule, wizards carry many different artifacts and magical items with them. Now we draw a ribbon tied to the staff. Draw the outline as shown below.

Experiment with the color of the ribbon.

Step 19. In this step we will create a whirlpool. To begin with, we draw a basic form, taking into account the perspective and distance from the viewer.

Import the image of Niagara Falls into Photoshop and cut out the part according to the shape of the created ellipse.

Now we need to add water at the edges of the whirlpool. Again, import the photo of the waterfall (image taken from a different angle) and place it on the right side of the vortex, as shown below.

Step 20. After that create waves around the whirlpool. Import the wave image and place it as shown below.

Since the front part of the whirlpool is closer to the viewer, the waves in this part should be slightly larger than the previous ones. We import the wave image and place it as shown below.

We distort the waves on the right side in the form of a whirlpool (CTRL + T).

Step 21 Now load the fog brush and draw a light haze around the characters and the whirlpool.

Step 22 Using the Tornado brushes, we draw several black tornadoes in the places we have outlined when creating the concept sketch.

Step 23 In this step we will create energy balls. Using Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection) (M), create a sphere in the left corner and fill it with black color.

Now, using brushes, we draw black smoke around the sphere to show the dark energy emanating from it.

To give a depth effect, apply to Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with a radius of 4.3 px.

In the same way we create several more energy balls around the characters. Since the balls are near the wizards, we will blur them slightly to create the effect of movement. Apply to them Gaussian blur (Blur according to Gauss) with a radius of 0.3 px.

Step 24 Now create a 3D inscription. We invent the name of the composition and write it with the Ring bearer font.

Apply a layer style to the text. Layer – Layer Style – Bevel and Emboss (Layer – Layer Styles – Chamfer and Emboss).

Then go to Contour (Contour) and enter the following parameters.

Step 25. What a storm without heavy rain. Create a new layer above all the previous ones and draw raindrops with a white brush, as shown below. These drops are near the characters.

Increase brush size to create drops that are closer to the viewer. Then apply Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with a radius of 2.9 px to add a depth effect.

Reduce the size of the brush and draw drops that are far from the characters. Having finished, we apply Gaussian blur (Blur according to Gauss) with a radius of 4.2 px.

Step 26. Now draw the rain that falls from the hat, staff and tentacles. Using brush (B), draw thin streams of water, as shown below.

Final result

Author: Santhosh Koneru

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