Sepia effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to give Sepia a stylish color to ordinary color photography.

This technique will help to turn a boring photo into a rather interesting image.

So, you have opened your photo in photoshop:

1. Convert a color photo to black and white.
On the menu Image select Adjustment – Channel Mixer.
There is another way to get to this command – click on black and white circle at the bottom of the palette Layers.
You have a new adjustment layer on the layers palette.
Using adjustment layers is very convenient and useful when working with photos.
Set the same settings as in the screenshot and click OK.

2. The next stage – add color Sepia.
Click again and select a new adjustment layer Photo filter
Set the following settings:

Change the parameter Filter on Sepia.
Set the density (Density) at its discretion, for this example chosen 60%.
Rest assured that Preserve luminosity worth tick.

Click OK and here is a Sepia color photo.

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