Serene landscape

In this lesson, Jarka will show you how to create a tranquil romantic landscape called Serenity.



I used the following sources:

Step 1. After I found the stock images I wanted to use, I began to cut a heron. For this, I used the tool PolygonalLassoTool(Polygonal lasso) (to call it, press L on your keyboard).

The heron has soft feathers on the head and back. Do not care about them, we will restore them later with the tool SmudgeTool (Smearing).
After selection, you should have this (approx. Do not forget to cut a heron):

Step 2. Open the image with the background and place a heron on it. Now we need to mix these two images together.

If you look closely at the image, you will see three flaws. First, if someone is standing in the water, circles appear around him. Secondly, reeds should be in front of the heron, not behind it. And third, we need to finish drawing soft feathers.

So, now we will correct the error with water. First we need to hide some parts of heron’s feet. Many use for this tool EraserTool (Eraser), but I do not like it, because if you erase something, you have no chance to correct something later. Instead, I use VectorMask (Vector mask). You will find her in Layers palettePalette (if you don’t see it, just press the F7 key on the keyboard). Vector mask is at the bottom.
Click on the heron layer, then click on the vector mask button. She looks like this:

Now make sure the mask layer is active (just click on it) and press B (= BrushTool (Brush)) on the keyboard.

Using a layer mask is the same as using eraser tool (eraser). You can change opacity (transparency), hardness (stiffness), etc. If the brush is black or gray, it erases, and if it is white, it returns the previous image.
So back to the correction of water. Paint over the lower legs that you think should be under water.
After that create a new layer and name it “Water Circles”. Open the brush palette and click the small button on the right side:

Then click on LoadBrushes (Download brushes) … and add brushes with a water splash. Draw circles. They should look like this:

Step 3. With water, we are done. Now we need to move some of the reeds to the fore. Click on the layer with the background. Press L (Lassotool (Lasso)) and highlight some reeds. Now go to the menu Edit -> Copy (Edit -> Copy). Click on the heron layer and go to the menu Edit -> Paste (Edit> Paste).

The resulting result should look like this:

It looks like a real heron, isn’t it?

Step 4. The last part of the mix: we need to finish the soft feathers (this will help you a lesson in drawing the pen). Press r (SmudgeTool (Smearing)). Choose a soft brush with a radius of about 5 px. Change strength (intensity) tool 85%. Now start drawing soft feathers. It is almost the same as drawing. After you are done with a heron, you should have this:

By drawing pens, you can change the size and intensity of the tool, so the work will look more realistic.

Step 5. Now we need to add the sun’s rays. Click B(BrushTool (Brush)) and add the “sunburst” brushes in the same way as we added brushes with a water splash.
Create a new layer and name it “Sunrays”. Select one of the brushes and change the color to white. Now click with the mouse in the place where you want to arrange the sun’s rays.

The light should fall to the right, since in the original picture it also falls from this side. You can see the glow in the background.
You can slightly reduce the level of transparency. So it will look more realistic. I reduced to 75%.

Step 6. Lower the level of contrast in a heron.
Click on the heron layer. Click AdjustmentLayer (Adjustment layer).

and choose BrightnessandContrast (Brightness and contrast). Using adjustment layers will allow you to add adjustments even later if you decide to change something. It is very useful.
Now lower the contrast level to 35 and click Ok.
We do not want to apply this contrast to the entire collage. Click on the adjustment layer with the right mouse button and select the option CreateClippingMask (Create clipping mask).

Step 7. Your layers should look like this:

Let’s set the mood for a collage.
Click on the “Sunrays” layer. To begin, we will change the levels. Click the button CreateNewFillor AdjustmentLayer (Create New Layer – Fill or Adjustment Layer) and select Levels (Levels). Set the values: 34 – 0.92 – 255.

Now change the color balance. Come again CreateNewFillor AdjustmentLayer (Create New Layer – Fill or Adjustment Layer) and select ColorBalance (Color balance). Set the color levels to +70 +27 + 62. We only need to change midtones (medium tones). Click OK.

Next step: PhotoFilter (Photo filter). Select deepyellow (deep yellow) and meanings density (density) set to 32%.

And the last step: one more time ColorBalance (Color balance). Set the Midtones (midtones) to +30 -11 -22. Then click Shadows (Shadows) and set the values ​​0 -4 +12. And here is the result:

Very nice, aren’t you?

Step 8. This is the last step. We are going to add texture. Open the grunge texture and place it on our collage. Set the transparency level to 32% and change blendingmode (blending mode) on Overlay (Overlap).

And … tada-yes! Over these simple eight steps we created a cute collage. Congratulations!

Author: Jarka

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