Ship at sea

So, before you a lesson on my last work Return to the sea. So sit down and learn how to create it.

Step 1. Download all stock images you would like to use.

Step 2. Start by removing the unnecessary part of the image.

Note translator: here you can use the tool Eraser (Eraser) (E) or layer mask (layermask), located at the bottom of the layers palette.

Step 3. Once finished with the previous step, place the image with the sea in the background, like here.

Note translator: to perform this step, you need to know how to work with layers, you can read about it in the article Zinaida Lukyanova “Layer Management”.

Step 4. Now you need to try to change the lighting on the foreground rocks using Photo Filter (Photofilter), as well as using Brightness and Contrast (Brightness/Contrast).
Then click OK.

Note translator: Photo Filter (Photofilter)you can find in the menu Image – Corrections – Photo Filter (ImageAdjustmentsPhotofilter). Parameter Brightness / Cotrast (Brightness/Contrast) you will find in the same menu, its values ​​are also set at your discretion.

Step 5. Create a new layer. Now create the moon! Take the tool Oval area (EllipticalMarquee) and create a circle.

Note translator: To create the perfect circle, hold down the key Shift while drawing a selection, to create a perfect circle from the center, hold down the keys Shift+Alt. If you are satisfied with the resulting circle, but does not suit its location, hold the mouse button, hold down the spacebar and move your selection to the desired location.

Fill it with white.

Note translator: To fill the selection you can use the tool Fill (PaintBucket) or if your white color is set as foreground color, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Backspace.

Step 6. Erase part of the moon along the horizon. Now add an effect to it. External glow (OuterGlow).

Note translator: Double click on the moon layer to open the window Layer styles (LayerStyles), then right-click on the parameter name External glow (OuterGlow), experiment with the parameters, set them at your discretion.

Step 7. Let’s go to the ship! A ship is a brush that you can find here. Create new layer (newlayer) and place the ship directly in front of the moon.

Bonus part
So, here is something that you can add from the Flaming Pear website. I used the Flood filter as you see it!

So, here is my short lesson, I hope you liked it!

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