Simple collage

This Photoshop tutorial will show an easy way to make a collage of photos.

1. Cut out all the photos from which you want to make a collage.
For convenience, you can immediately set a fixed size and resolution for the cut tool in Photoshop (Crop tool).

2. Transfer all your photos to Photoshop. If you copy and paste them, they will all be placed in the center. Hold key “shift”, when you transfer the picture – they will be located one on another.

3. Connect those layers with photos that will be the top of your collage.

4. Select the Move tool. (Move Tool) and pressing the up arrow on the keyboard, start moving the photos up: count how many times you click on the arrow (in our case it was 13 times).

Brief notes:

You can clamp the key CTRL instead of using the move tool.
Holding the key Shift, You can move the image immediately to 10 px.
Holding Alt, you can duplicate the layer.

5. Separate the layers.

6. Move one layer to the left, the other to the right (do not forget to count).

7. Separate the middle group layers.

8. Move one to the left, the other to the right (do not forget to count).

9. Repeat the same steps for other photos.

Then merge all layers with photos.
Create a new layer and fill with white. Place it under the pictures.

This way you will have a pretty cute collage!

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