Skin correction and bright make-up

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make fantastic makeup using Photoshop. I will also explain how to retouch the skin of the face and remove dark circles under the eyes. We will use the curing brush, brightener / dimmer, blending options, and layer correction.

Let’s get started!
Here is an option to:

And after:

For the lesson download the image Archive or you can use your photo.

Step 1. Load the image in Photoshop and conduct a small analysis:
1. Under the eye, we see a dark area that needs to be removed.
2. Agree that the fine hairs above the eye do not look very attractive. From them, too, get rid of.
3. With the skin, in general, everything is Ok, but we will make it even smoother.
4. Blue eyes will look more spectacular, and we will remove glare on the white part of the eyeball.

After completing the problem analysis, we duplicate the background layer (background layer) and call the duplicate “face skin”. Activate the tool Healing brush (Healing Brush) (J):

Set the brush size to 15px and, having determined the ALT key to hold the cloning area, “treat” the problem areas:

Brush thoroughly:

And after the done operations we get:

Step 2. We continue to get rid of the shortcomings. First, duplicate the “skin of the face” layer and call the duplicate “eye”. First we need to remove some of the glare on the eyeball. For this we will again use the curing brush.

Adjust the size of the brush within 10-12px. By working on the eye, you should get the following:

Step 3. Now we begin to smooth the skin. At this stage we will use the tool Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​(H):

Duplicate the “eye” layer and call the duplicate “brightener and dimmer”. We use Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​with the following parameters:

The secret is to use a very low level of exposure (intensity).
Work on the area that needs to be smoothed and brightened until you get the following result:

Change the size of the brush to achieve the best result. Experiment!

Step 4. Adjust the color of the photo by calling the BlackWhite settings (Black and white) (ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + B):

Change Blending about (Overlay settings) on Screen (Lightening).
Duplicate the layer and expose Blending about (Parameters overlay) duplicate Hard light (Hard light). This is what should happen:

Here we come to the most interesting part of the lesson. Now change the color of the eyes.
To do this, create a new layer and call it “eye color”, move it above all layers. Using a soft, round brush light blue color sketched pupil:

Change Blending about (Overlay settings) on Color (Chromaticity) and we get:

Now add a reflection on the pupil. To do this, create a new layer and call it “reflection”. Move it above all layers. Activate a small white brush and paint a spot in the center of the eye:

Step 5. Next, we add an interesting effect to the eyelashes and eyebrows. To do this, use the tool Brush tool (Brush). In the settings brush set the following parameters:

Shape Dynamics

Scattering (Scattering)

Other Dynamics (Other Dynamics)

Make sure that Airbrush (Airbrush) and Smoothing (Smoothing) activated.

Create a new layer and use the brush to work on the necessary sections (set the flow (pressure) to 40%):

Merge the layers and add depth to the eye using Curves (Curves) (CTRL + M):

We get:

Next, add a little color around the eye. To do this, create a new layer and change Blending option (Overlay settings) on Overlay (Overlap). Choose a color of your choice and paint with a brush as shown in the image below:

It’s all! Good luck :)

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