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In this tutorial we will use 3 images. A lady in a white dress, snowy mountains and clouds.

You need to install these brushes:

So, let’s begin:

Step 1. Environment setting:
Create a new document 750×550 pixels (Ctrl + N). Discover the snowy mountains and remove the sky along the rocky edge with eraser, configured as a soft brush (size around 20pts).

Step 2. Add clouds:
Insert an image of clouds under a layer with mountains. Edit> Free Transform (Edit / Free Transform) and scale the clouds proportionally until they fit into our document beautifully.

Step 3. Level setting:
Go in Image> Correction> Levels (Image / Adjustments / levels) or press (Ctrl + L). Set the following values: 38 – 7.1 – 255. This will allow for greater expressiveness.

Step 4. Accommodation Ladies:
Select the lady with Pen tool (Pen tool). The location of its position shown in the screenshot below. Use Soft brush With color # 000000, draw some shadow around the base of the dress.

Step 5. Adding Wings:
Now use a brush with wings. The author chose FallnBrushesAngelWings12 with a size of 400pts.
Create a new layer and name it Wings. Choose a color #FFFFFF for the foreground and draw wings.
Click Edit> Free Transform, to align the wings and reduce or increase to the size you need.

Step 6. Amplification Details:
Since the wings layer seems to be transparent, I duplicated it to enhance opacity. Use soft brush (choose the size yourself) with color # 000000 and opacity 50%, draw some shadow around the lady’s hands to give the impression of hand shadow on the wings.

Step 7. Rays of light:
Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and name it as light rays. Choose soft brush with a size of 100pt and color #FFFFFF. Install it opacity (opacity) in 40% and start drawing vertical lines through the layer.
Further Edit> Free Transform (Edit> Free Transform), transform the rays so that they come from the upper left corner.

Step 8. Adding Feathers:
Use a brush with feathers. The author chose Falln-BrushesFeather4 (the fourth brush in the list). You, in turn, can use completely different brushes that suit you.
Changing the size of the brush, draw feathers around our angel. Double-click on the feather layer to bring up Layer style. Click Outer glow (External glow) and set the mode to: Linear Dodge (Adds), opacity: 100%, Color: #FFFFFF.

Step 9. Magic Dust:
Choose a tool Soft brush With a size of 3pt and color #FFFFFF. Go to Window / Brushes, or press F5. Then, select Brush Print Form. There will be a setting Intervals, set the parameter to 1000%.

Create a new layer and name it as magic dust. Start drawing a few lines of scattered dots around the lady. Double-click on a layer to go to the Layer Style. Click Outer glow (External glow) and set Mode: Linear Brightener (Adds), Opacity: 100%, Color: #FFFFFF.

Step 10. Color Correction:
Create a new Hue / Saturation adjustment layer. Click Layer – New adjustment layer – Hue / Saturation (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue / Saturation). Color tone: -17, Saturation: -38, Brightness: 0.

And in the end we create Curves adjustment layer. Select the Blue channel and pull the center of the curve up (Layer / New adjustment layer / Curves). This should add a blue tone to the image that is found in most fantasy scenes ..

Author: Johnson Koh

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