Styled in Photoshop photos using fragments

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you to create one very interesting photo styling effect with fragments.

The result of the lesson:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Open the photo in Photoshop. Resize it to 600×750 pixels with Image> Image Size (Image / Image Size …)

Step 2. For this tutorial, you will need to create a grid before we can begin to stylize our photo. Create a new document with the size of 55×55 pixels and draw black and white dots with Pencil tool (Pencil tool) (size: 1 pixel), as in the image below.

Step 3. We go to Edit> Define Pattern (Edit / Define the pattern) and save our mesh as a fill. After that you can close it without saving.

Go back to our main document, create a new layer and fill it with Paint bucket tool (Fill tool) using the fill we created.
Note: On the tool settings panel, select the pattern / pattern, in the list of patterns, select the newly created one.

Step 4. Change layer fill mode to Overlay (Overlap), set opacity to 80%

Step 5. After this, we return to our background layer. All actions now we will do only with him. Take Rectangular marquee tool (The “Rectangular Area” tool) to create a selection is the same as in my screenshot below. Hold the button Shift, so that the selection is proportional to the square.

Step 6. Apply Dodge tool (Brightener tool) to this selected area. Tool settings:
Brush: 100px / Brush: 100pixels
Range: Midtones / Range: Mid Tones
Exposure: 30%, / Exposure: 30%.

Step 7. Now take Blur tool (Blur tool) to blur this area.
Tool settings (Strength: 50% / Intensity: 50%).

Step 8. Remove the selection area with Ctrl + D. We have the following effect:

Step 9. Add more cells in exactly the same way:

Step 10. After that we need to add more dark cells with Burn tool (“Dimmer”) instead of the Dodge Tool. Settings:
Brush: 100px / Brush: 100pixels,
Range: Midtones / Range: Mid Tones,
Exposure: 40% / Exposure: 40%.

Step 11. In the end, I want to add a few blurry cells without changing the brightness.

Step 12. Now let’s add some text. Take Horizontal type tool (Horizontal Text tool) and write any text in white. I used the Bitsumishi font (30 pt).

Step 13. Click the right mouse button on the layer thumbnail and go to Blending options (Overlay options) and apply Drop shadow (Shadow) and Outer glow (External glow) to this layer:

Final image

It looks very interesting and creative, right? You can use this effect for advertising, greeting cards, etc.

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