Stylish collage

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn some more stylish tricks to decorate your photos.

For the lesson we need a photo of a girl.
Take, for example, a photo of Jessica Alba.

Open the photo in Photoshop, and then create a new document twice as wide as the photo itself.

Move the photo to a new document using the tool (move), place the photo from the right edge.

Duplicate the layer with the girl (Ctrl + J), move the copy of the layer to the left side. Now we need to make the face look to the center.

Push Ctrl + T (free transformation), right-click – select Flip horizontally (Flip Horizontal)

Before us are twin girls.

Find the image of an interesting texture, open it in Photoshop and move it to the working document.

The same texture (format 800 x 533 px) you can download here.

If the texture is smaller in size than your document, enlarge it with a free transform.

Change layer blending mode to Soft light (soft light)
This is the result you should have:

For further work, you will need to load brushes.
Download them you can HERE.
Unzip the archive, select the brush named Stars_by_Shira and install it into the program.

Create a new layer, then on the created layer with a brush with color (# D89A53) draw something like this:

Find a photo with a flower, for example, with a chamomile:

You need to separate it from the background.
You can use any method you know (Pen, quick mask, quick selection, etc.)

Set the feathering radius to 1 px.

Create a duplicate daisy (Crtl + J), move the flowers on the working document, place them at your discretion.

Make a couple more copies, reduce and place just below, something like this:

Add text, make several copies of the text layer.
Place the text in different places of the plate, vary the font size, play with the options of transparency and overlay.

Merge all the daisies on one layer, press Ctrl + U.
Put a tick next to the option Toning (Colorize), adjust the color to the overall tone of the collage.

Create a new layer and fill it with white.

Take the eraser , set a large soft brush for it and erase the middle part to make it the same as in the picture:

Now go to the menu Filter-> Distortion-> Twisting (Filter> Distort> Twirl) set the following parameters:

Press down Ctrl + F (repeat the filter action) until you do the same:

Create a new layer, then select the gradient tool. and set the parameters shown below:

Draw a gradient over the document, reduce the transparency to 50%, change the blending mode to Darkening basics (Color burn).

Set the second set of brushes Vector-Grunge Brushes, find the stars, create a new layer and add a few constellations to your work. If necessary, reduce the transparency of the layer.

Click Shift + Ctrl + E, To Merge All Layers, Duplicate Layer Ctrl + J.
On the copy layer go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur):

Blend Mode Change to Soft light (soft light) and opacity reduce to 50%.

As a result, we get a stylishly decorated photo!

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