Stylish effect on photos in Photoshop

In this lesson, using a photo of a mountain peak and various adjustment layers, we will create an interesting and popular retro effect.

First we need the image of a rocky peak, well, for variety and color, with a green forest in the frame. It is approximately the same as in the image in the archive that the author downloaded from a paid resource.

The higher the resolution of your image, the more elegant your work will turn out. Opening a photo in Adobe Photoshop using the tool Crop Tool (C) (Tool “Frame”) select the necessary part with the top of the mountain.

Using Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) (Tool “Oval area”) create a selection around the top of the mountain. Copy the selected part to the clipboard Ctrl + C. On the menu Image – Image Size (Image – Image Size) reduce the image so that the copied area is larger than the rest of the image.

Center the Guides, Ctrl + V paste the copied area, filling out most of the image in the background.

On the Layers Palette below click on Create new fill or adjustment layer (Create a new adjustment layer or fill layer), select Curves (Curves). Select the adjustment layer settings in the drop-down menu. Red (Red) channel. Modify the curve as shown in the image. Keep in mind that all the settings of the adjustment layers are suitable for the image used in this lesson!

Select Blue (Blue) channel, change the curve as shown in the image.

Return to original Rgb channel, adjust the curve in accordance with the settings of the author.

Duplicate the Curves adjustment layer, change the Duplication Opacity to 60%. Ctrl + click thumbnail the top of the mountain to create a selection, then create the next adjustment layer Levels (Levels). Move the halftone slider to the right as shown in the image.

Download free grunge textures and place in our work. Stretch the texture to fit the image.

Change the texture mapping mode to Screen (Screen), making the black areas invisible. Call the window Levels (Levels) Ctrl + L, change the shadows and midtones as shown in the image.

Create a new layer, on top of all, fill it with black. Add noise Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise), 25% effect, Gaussian, Monochrome.

Change the blending mode to Screen (Screen), Opacity at 20%. Created grain gives the image of the cover of an old music album.

Create a new layer, then click Ctrl + A, to create a selection of the entire workspace. Having chosen any selection tool, right-click on the canvas and select in the context menu Transform selection (transform selected area).

In the free transform settings, change the Width and Height to 95%, then click Enter. Without deselecting, right-click on the canvas again and select Stroke (Run a stroke). Size 1 pixel, color white.

Modify the stroke by changing the blending mode to Screen (Screen), Opacity at 30%.

Choose a tool Rectangular marquee tool (M) (Tool “Rectangular Area”). Hold key Alt and, starting from the center, create a selected area where the text will be located approximately. On the sides of the rectangle, create mirror guides. Selection no longer needed.

Using tool Type tool (T) (Horizontal text tool) Write the quote “Make a mountain out of a molehill”. The author used the font League Gothic, having a thin but strong character.

Using Free Transform Ctrl + T Adjust the size of each part of the quote to the width between the mirror guides. Do not forget to heal the key Shift when resizing, keeping proportions.

Align all the parts in the center, and so that they are the same distance between them.

Select a layer with a background, select the lower left corner, copy and paste into a new layer on top of a large round layer, but below the adjustment layers. Center it as shown in the image. Hold the keys Ctrl + Shift and click on each thumbnail of the text layers, creating a selection.

Make text layers invisible. Then, being on a layer with a copied rectangular section of the forest, click on the icon Add a mask (Add vector mask) at the bottom of the Layers Panel. Thus, the image will remain that part of the forest, which was above the text.

It looks like a collage assembled from the same photo, where by adding adjustment layers, we got a retro cover for a music album.

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