Stylization under crossprocessing

In this lesson, in just a few steps you will learn how to make a simple but effective colorization.

To complete this lesson, it is better to take photographs in which there are blue tones.

Here is what we get in the end:

Let’s start. Open the image, which will continue to color. I took a photo with Hilary Duff.

Copy the photo by clicking Ctrl +J. For the copied layer only, set the mode to Overlap (Overlay)

Create a new layer, fill it with color. # 00c6ff, change blending mode to Soft Light (soft light) and opacity – 50%.

Further Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Selective Color Correction (Layer New adjustment layer – Selective Color), set the parameters as in the pictures below:

This is what should happen:

Come again Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Levels (Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Levels), set the parameters:

That’s all! Total:

Other examples of such colorization:

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