Stylize the photo in pencil drawing in Adobe Photoshop

To achieve mastery in the art of drawing, it takes years. But you can easily create your masterpiece in Photoshop. In this lesson you will learn how to create a drawing from a photo using brushes in combination with a graphic tablet or use them separately, this is your choice. So let’s get started!

The final result:

1. Customize Image

Step 1

Open the original image in Photoshop. To create the effect of a pencil drawing, I use a beautiful image of a tiger. Double click on the layer The background (background layer) To unlock it, name this layer. Layer 1 (Layer 1). Set the foreground color to white and then use the tool. Fill (Paint Bucket Tool (G)), fill with white color. Make sure the white fill layer is below the original image layer.

If your original image is color, then convert it to black and white. To do this, go to the photo layer, and then go Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Image> Adjustments> Hue Saturation) and in the appeared window of settings of this correction decrease the value Saturation (Saturation) to -100.

2. Create Picture Effect

Step 1

Now it’s time to create a drawing effect! Add a layer mask to the photo layer. Click on the layer mask thumbnail and then fill the layer mask with black using the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool (G)).

Next, set the foreground color to white and the background color to black. Using your graphic tablet, select a tool. Brush (Brush Tool (B)). Start brushing with a white brush over a black layer mask. For a traditional drawing, use a brush that imitates a pencil or brush strokes. In this case, we use a brush. Flat blunt with short stiff bristles (Flat Blunt Short Stiff Brush) from Photoshop Brush Set.

Step 2

Continue to apply white brush strokes on the layer mask. Using a white brush, you restore the image, which is located below, giving it the texture of the picture. Try to brush strokes resembled hatching or intersecting hatching, imitating the traditional technique of drawing. If necessary, study pencil drawings to recreate them in your work.

Step 3

Clean selected areas with the tool. Eraser (Eraser (E)). You can stroke the entire canvas or leave white areas on the image to get the desired effect. Center the image of the tiger using the tool. Move (Move Tool (V)). Continue adding strokes until you are satisfied with the result. When you’re done, press the keys (Ctrl + J) to duplicate the layer.

Step 4

Let’s make a drawing. Let’s go Image – Correction – Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels), set the settings for RGB channel (RGB Channel), which are listed below to enhance contrast and highlight strokes. Now merge all the layers together.

Input values (Input Level) for:

  • Of shadows (Shadow): 0
  • Medium tones (Mid tone): 0.79
  • Light glare (Highlight): 255

Step 5

At this stage, if you want, you can leave the picture as it is or make the picture a bit like a picture made on paper. To do this, we will add a slight gradient effect to make the picture look like a picture of the picture.

Right-click on the merged patterned layer and select the option in the menu that appears. Overlay options (Blending Options). Next, select a layer style. Overlay gradient (Gradient Overlay), install Linear gradient (Linear Gradient), color gradient from dark blue to light blue, blending mode An exception (Exclusion), Opacity (Opacity) 40%, Scale (Scale) 150%.

The result should be as in the screenshot below.

Step 6

Finally, add another correction. Levels (Levels). This time for RGB channel (RGB Channel), set the following settings 18, 0.73, and 248. Sign and your drawing is complete!

If you never thought you could have done this before, then think again! I hope you enjoyed this lesson and you will get a lot of fun turning your photos into drawings! See you again!

The final result:

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