Summer breeze

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create the Summer Breeze desktop wallpaper.

First, create a new document. File> New (File> New) with sizes 1280×1024 pix (Perhaps your desktop options are different, check this point before starting the lesson). and resolution 72pi./inch.

Then choose Rectangle tool and stretch the rectangle over the whole image (for convenience, we will give each layer a name), set the layer parameters Rectangleas shown below.

Layer –Layer Style> Gradient Overlay
(Blending Options> Gradient Overlay).

It should look like this image.

Create a new layer, call itBrush. Now choose Brush Tool (B), lower it opacity before40%, size approximately 300 pixels.

And draw in white as shown below.

For layer BrushBlend Mode – Overlap (Blending Mode – Overlay)

Create a new layer, let’s call itWave1. Now we need a tool “Pen” (Pen Tool (P) to draw a wave-like outline. Fill it with color # BBD772

For layer Wave1 Modeoverlay– “Soft Light” (Blending Mode – Soft light), fill level is reduced to 60%

This wave will fit well into our background.

Create two more layers Wave2and Wave3. On each draw a wave contour (the contours should be slightly different form), fill it with the same color.

Layer Settings Wave2.

Layer Wave3

Layer Settings Wave3.

Now we find the right photo. The author used the photo of the girl.

Cut out the shape in any way you like. To cut the hair the author used Magic Eraser Tool (E). Only they need to work carefully so as not to overdo it.
Now place the girl’s figure on the background we created and name it. Girl

Install Parameters for layer style(Layer Options) Girl as shown below.
Layer Style – Outer Glow (Blending Options> Outer Glow)

Layer Style – Inner Glow (Blending Options> Inner Glow)

We get about this image.

Create a new layer and name it. Spiral. Using the pen tool (Pen Tool (P) let’s draw the outline of the spiral around the girl (more precisely, let’s make the effect as if a spiral is wrapped around the girl) Fill the contour with white.

Install Parameters for layer style (Layer Options)Spiral.
Layer Style – Outer Glow (Blending Options> Outer Glow)

We get this image.

For further work, the author used the brush GVL Funky Flower Brush. Download the brush here.

Create a new layer, call it Flower . To create an interesting composition, we use different forms of flowers, changing the dimension.

Set the following parameters for the layer with colors. (Layer Options)

That’s what we got in the final stage.

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