Summer memories

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll create a warm, velvety collage.

For this tutorial you will need brushes. You can download them here.

Find the picture that will be your background and open it.

Click Ctrl + J to duplicate. Set the top layer to blend mode to Soft light (Soft light)

Then open the photo of the object:

Highlight the girl in any way convenient for you.
Set the feathering radius to 2, so that the edges are not very sharp (Feather = 2)

Move the girl’s figure to the background:

Click Ctrl + B to open the Color Balance window (Color balance), adjust the sliders in such a way that the colors of the girl and the background match each other.

After adjustment, click Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer with the girl, again change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light)

Pinch Ctrl and click on the icon of the layer with the girl to select it, then click Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection.

Click Ctrl + Alt + D To open the window for setting Feather, set the size to 5 px

Click Delete.

Click now Ctrl + D to deselect:

With Pen or Polygonal Lasso draw the falling rays of light.
If you draw with Pen, do not forget to convert the outline to selection.

Create a new layer.
Set two colors in the palette:CEA24A + #Ffffff
In the gradient settings, change the blending and transparency options to:

Take a Gradient and stretch diagonally from top to bottom. Change layer transparency to 70%, that’s what happens:

Duplicate the light layer 2 times. Use Free Transform (Ctrl + T) to place one beam in the center and the other from the opposite edge.

Create a new layer, take the brush size 200 px and draw a rainbow like this:

Blending Mode: Soft Light

Take this brush:

And paint our model wings:

Select model layer, click Ctrl + M to bring up the Curves window, change the curve in the same way as shown in the figure:

Now take the brush with the ball, in the settings set the transparency of the brush to 50%:

And here is the result!

We are waiting for your work!

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