Summer mood

In this lesson, we will learn to combine several pictures, place different objects in the grass, correct colors and improve the quality of the picture. We will also use layer masks, revitalize hair, create shadows and change eye color.

Open a file with a girl in a new window (Ctrl + O).

Highlight the girl any way you want.

In the new window, open the picture with the grass.

Move the selected girl on the grass layer.

Select the upper part of the grass and copy it to a new layer, move the layer above to fill the empty space.

Merge these layers (ctrl + e), and instrument Stamp(Stamp) merge layer boundaries.

Copy the grass layer, go Filter – Blur – Blur Gaussian (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Add a layer mask and fill it with black. Choosing a tool Gradient (gradient) from white to transparent and draw them from top to bottom.

Process tool stamp girl’s hair for greater realism.

Tool Blur (Blur Tool) process the edges of the girl that they were not so sharp.

Now add a mask layer layer with a girl and a black gradient, as if we hide the lower part in the grass.

Select the layer with the girl, adjust the brightness using the curves (ctrl + m).

Correct color Editing – Image – Selective color correction (Image – Adjustments – Selective Color).

Change the color of the eyes, for this we create a new layer. Paint over pupils with any color and change blending mode to overlap (Overlay).

Merge the previous layer (ctrl + e) and apply Filter – Blur – Smart Blur (Filter – Blur – Smart Blur.)

Choose a tool Finger(Smudge) and smooth out the bumps that came out after using the filter.

Open the butterfly pattern in the new window.

Select the butterfly in any way you like, move it to the layer with the girl, copy several times, each turning and transforming, spread it over the girl’s dress and body.

Merge all layers containing butterflies (Ctrl + E) and make color corrections – Selective color correction (Selective color).

Copy the butterflies layer and make it completely black. Editing – Image – Channel Mixing. (Image – Adjustments – Channel Mixer).

Place this layer above the layer with the girl, it will be the shadow of the butterflies, slightly displace the layer so that it can be seen from under the butterflies themselves. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Change the opacity of the layer (Opacity) to 80%.

Merge all layers (shift + ctrl + e).

Create a new layer filled with black color, under the layer with a girl, we transform the Girl (Ctrl + T) to get this frame:

Select the brush tool (the brushes used in the lesson can be downloaded here) and draw something like this.

Make a copy of the layer with a frame ornament and blur them a bit.

Lower the Opacity on 55%

Here is the result!

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