In this tutorial we will create this amazing sunset:

For me, this image is very similar to the painted picture.

So let’s get started!

Step 1. For this lesson, I took a photo of the field:

Open our image in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Step 2. Create a duplicate of this photo, i.e. in the window Layers (Layers) right click on our image and select Duplicate Layer (Duplicate layer) (Ctrl +J). This is necessary, because if you accidentally “spoil” the image, you can again create a copy of the original image.

Step 3. Next, you need to darken the edges of the copied layer. To do this, open the menu Filter – Distort – Lenses Correction (Lens correction).

and set the following values:

The only thing we change in the Lens Correction window is the values ​​of Amount (-100) and Midpoint (0).

Step 4. Now the resulting layer needs to change the contrast. To do this in the window Layers (Layers) open the bookmark Channels (Channels), leave the channel active Red (Red) and open the menu Image – Adjustments – Brightness \Contrast (Image – Settings – Brightness / Contrast).

In the window that opens, set the following values:

As you noticed, the contrast has changed a bit. Now we change the channel contrast in the same way. Green (Green).

Step 5. And now the fun part! In the Layers window again open the Layers tab and above all the layers create a new layer, i.e. open the menu Layer – New – Layer.

In the toolbar, select the tool Gradient Tool (Gradient fill) (G). Foreground color set # ffcc66 and the rear – # 003333. And using the tool Gradient Tool on the new layer from top to bottom we draw a gradient.

Step 6. Now for the layer with the gradient set the blending mode Color (Colour).

Did that happen to you?

If so, then print this image on a color printer, insert it into the photo frame and hang it on the wall. It looks very beautiful!

Author: Zhurov Ilya.

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