Super trick!

In this Photoshop tutorial we will tell you how to break a photo in Photoshop.

1. Open the photo you want to tear.

2. Using the tool Polygonal Lasso make a selection through the entire image as a gap (see screenshot):

3. Now press the button. delete, but do not clear the selection.

4. Go to menu Select> Modify> Expand (Allocation – Modification – Expand).
Set the value to 6 px and press Ok.

After that go to menu Filter> Distort> Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ripple)
and set the following settings:

You will notice that the edges of the line have become smooth and additional bumps have appeared. So be it!

5. In the next step, we need to select the right half to reject it.

Use Lasso to highlight again.

Then take the move tool and unhook half from the overall picture.

Take the tool free transformation (Ctrl + T) and tilt down the severed half (move the cursor to the corner of the frame until a curved arrow appears)

Place the half so that it is slightly touching the left side from below.

6. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N), place it under the butterfly layer and fill with white.

7. Double-click on the butterfly layer – a window will appear. Layer style (layer styles) where you will find the style Drop shadow (cast a shadow).

In the window Drop shadow set the following settings:

Here is your torn picture ready.

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