Surreal landscape with a waterfall in photoshop

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a surreal photo manipulation that combines various stock images and textures.

Materials for the lesson


Final result

Step 1

Create a new document (Ctrl + N) with dimensions of 1453 x 2000 px. Here are those images from DeviantArt, which I used.

Open the road image, move it to the working document and delete the sky as shown below.

Step 2

Open the sky image and position it as shown below.

Step 3

Open an image with clouds and rotate it 180 degrees Edit> Transform> Rotate 180 (Edit – Transform – Rotate 180). Cut off part of the sky. Then take Eraser tool (Eraser) with soft edges and erase the bottom of the clouds to make the transition from one image to another more realistic.

Step 4

Open the image of the ocean and insert part of the water on the road. Using an eraser, mix water with grass. You can use Grass brushes or splashes for this.

Step 5

Open the image of the rock. Tool Lasso Tool (Lasso) highlight part of the rock.

Move the selected section of rock to the working paper and place it at the bottom of the canvas. Duplicate the rock and create the wall. Use a soft eraser to create a smooth transition between copies.

Cut a small area, as shown in the image below.

Step 6

Open the image of the waterfall and cut out some of the water along with the grass.

Place the waterfall in the cut-out in the wall. With a soft eraser, align the grass with the rock. Vary the opacity of the brush eraser. Tool Burn tool (Dimmer) darken in some places.

Step 7

In the layers panel, select the layer with the upper clouds. Create an adjustment layer Color balance (Color Balance) as a clipping mask.

Next, create an adjustment layer. Gradient map (Gradient Map). The colors that I used for the gradient # c4927d, # 6d5892 and # d8da98. Set the blending mode of this layer to Overlay (Overlap) with an opacity of 45%.

Translator’s Note: This layer will not be applied as clipping. Further, the author does not give correction settings, you will have to select them yourself.

You should also adjust the remaining layers to get a nice color tone. Create a new layer on top of all layers. Choose a tool Brush tool (Brush) with slight opacity and draw a fog between sky and field. If you want to expand the waterfall, select the part of the waterfall, copy the selection to a new layer (Ctrl + J) and move as much as you need to expand the channel. Grass and water can be added using Clone stamp tool (Stamp).

Step 8

Open the image of the chain and separate it from the background. Move to working paper. By copying the chain layer, create chains. Next, open the frame image, separate from the background and place in the work. Create multiple copies, reduce the size and hang them on chains. Lower the opacity of layers with distant frames.

Step 9

Again open the image of the ocean and place this layer under the layers with the frames. While standing on a layer with water, create a rectangular selection by selection of window frames, as shown in the image below and copy the selection to a new layer (Ctrl + J). Layer with the ocean can be removed.

Using the same water texture, create water streams from the windows. Adjust the water color using adjustment layers.

Step 10

Open the image of the boat and put it to work. Then, using an eraser with an opacity of about 60%, erase the bottom of the boat to create the impression that the boat is submerged. Create a reflection from the boat, duplicating the layer and reflecting vertically. Create a layer mask on the layer with reflection and black soft brush to process the reflection. Lower the opacity of the layer with reflection. Create a new layer under the boat layer and paint the shadow with a soft brush with a slight opacity. Also adjust the color of the boat to fit it into the overall appearance of the image.

Step 11

Add the birds. And in the end above all layers add a correction layer. Gradient map (Gradient Map) to change the overall tone of work.

The final result.

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