Surreal portrait in photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a surreal photo manipulation using grass texture, grunge brushes and color correction.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document sized 900 * 1169 pixels with a black background. Grunge brushes fill the background as shown below:

Tip: set the brush pressure and opacity to about 40-60%, you can use eraser (E) to erase excess areas.

Cut a woman and paste it into the working paper, then adjust the size as shown below:

Apply filter to model Filter – Blur – Surface Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur on the surface) with the following settings:

Now we activate eraser (E) and grunge brushes remove the edges of the model, as shown below:

You can adjust the opacity and pressing of the eraser while working to get a more interesting result:

Step 2

Now add some adjustment layers to the model layer and transform them into clipping masks (Ctrl + Alt + G):

Black and white (Black and white)

Edit the adjustment layer mask:

And we get the following effect:

Levels (Levels)

Edit the adjustment layer mask:

With a soft white brush we draw a glow in the area of ​​the model’s eye. This will give surrealism to our work:

We get the following result:

Step 3

Now add natural elements. Load the photo in Photoshop, then using Lasso Tool (Lasso) cut out the area with greens and flowers:

Tip: install Feather (Feather) for Lasso by 40%

Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the selected area onto the working document, adjust the color of the green with Levels (Levels) (Ctrl + L):

Change layer blend mode to Screen (Lightening):

And we get the following result:

You can duplicate greens several times (Ctrl + J) and place on the model’s body, as shown below:

Step 4

Now we add an interesting effect with lines. Create a new document and use the yellow brush to draw a line, as shown below:

Go to the filter Filter – Liquify (Filter – Plastic), we activate Forward warping tool (Warp) and customize tool:

Distort the line:

Add another line. Then at the points of their intersection with a soft brush we draw points:

Step 5

There are final touches. Merge all layers into one and apply the filter Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (Filter – Sharpness – Contour Sharpness) to add a bit of sharpness to the picture:

Thanks to the filter, the green texture has become clearer:

In addition, we can add a cloud effect at the bottom of the picture. To do this, use a special filter or brush. The effect should be soft, barely noticeable. Reduce cloud opacity to around 30%:

Then edit the colors using the adjustment layer. Color balance (Color balance):

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