Take a photo juicier!

Learn how to make your photo more vivid and impressive using various tricks.

Here is a photo that you now have:

And here is a photo that you get in a few minutes:

Open the photo and use:

Filter> Sharpness> Sharpness (Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen)

Further Image> Correction> Levels (Images> Adjustment> Level) or press Ctrl + L and set the following parameters:

Duplicate the layer and set the layer blending mode to Lightening (screen) opacity 39%.

Go to Image> Correction> Color Balance (Images> Adjustments> Color Balance), set the parameters:

S: -62. + 20. + 47
M: + 33.-17. + 6
H: -9. + 5. + 27

Your result:

Create a new layer, fill it with color. # faf2ca and Layer Overlay Options Lightening, opacity 31%, fill 31%.

Create a new layer again, fill it with a color. #bebebe. The blending parameters of the layers are darkening basics (color burn), opacity 31%.

You will get this:

Click Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E, to create a new layer like the previous one. Layer overlay options Lightening and opacity 38%

Go to Image> Correction> Color Balance, set the parameters:

You will receive the following

Create a new layer and fill it with color. # 0d004c, set in Layer Layer Options An exception (exclusion) opacity 54%

Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to create a layer with the result made before. Set Blending Options to Soft light (Soft Light) opacity 50 %

Select the dimmer tool and set the following parameters:

Dim some areas like cheek, hand, hair, etc.

Ok, now duplicate the secondary image and place it at the very top, click Ctrl + Shift + U, to discolor the image. Set Blending options to Soft light, opacity 47%.

Now you get this:

The layer window at this time looks like this:

Add brushes and text to your work to make it more beautiful.

Here is the final result:

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