Take care of our Earth

Hello! In this lesson you will learn how to do this kind of work.

Images used in this tutorial:

Create a new document sized 1600 * 1200 pixels, resolution 72 pixels.
Fill the first layer with white.
Add a Layer Style – Gradient Overlap (Overlay effect), as shown in the figure.

Insert the image of the night sky. Select Automatic tone correction (Auto Levels) and Auto Contrast (Auto Contrast) in Editing-Correction.

Blend mode select Lightening (Screen). Opacity 70%
Clear the central part of the sky using a large soft brush.

Make the sky black and white.

Insert the image of the Earth.

Add layer styles Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and External light (Outer Glow).

Insert image of the moon. Select Automatic tone correction (Auto Levels) and Auto Contrast (Auto Contrast).
Blend mode Lightening (Screen).

Add a External light (Outer Glow).

Insert the image of the clouds. Select Automatic tone correction (Auto Levels) and Auto Contrast (Auto Contrast).
Separate the clouds from the background.

Go to the Channels. Select the green channel. Duplicate it.

Make it more contrast using Levels.
Image – Correction – Levels.
Slide the left and right sliders slightly towards the center.

Download selections for the Green channel.
While maintaining the selection, go back to Rgb channel, and then in the Layers palette.

Add a Vector mask layer of the sky.
Put the overlay mode on Lightening (Screen).

Change the shape of the clouds using Editing – Transform – Warp.

You should have something like that.

Duplicate cloud layer, change blending mode with Lightening (Screen) on Linear Dodge (Linear Dodge). Opacity 20%.

Create a shadow of the clouds. Download a selection of clouds. Create a new layer under the clouds and fill the selection with black.

Slightly move the shadow of the clouds and reduce their size with Free transformation
Set the fill to 0%. Clear unwanted areas of shadow around the planet.

Add a layer style Gradient overlap (Gradient Overlay).

Create a circle. Fill 0%.

Add a Gradient overlap (radial).

Glue the circle layer to another empty layer.
Transform with Distortion (Distort) created layer.
Erase the bottom of the rainbow.

Duplicate the rainbow layer.
For one layer, put the blending mode Lightening (Screen) and Opacity 25%.

For another layer, choose Blend Mode. Light replacement (Lighten) and Opacity 75%.

Insert a tree.

Turn and transform it.
Add some red apples.

Insert an image with more clouds next to the tree. Separate the clouds from the background in the same way as before using Channels.

Insert a piece of grass.

Transform it.

Make a lot of duplicate grass layer

You should have something like a circle of grass.

Duplicate the grass layer, reduce the size as shown.

Erase extra areas.

Insert decorative lines from Illustrator. Or you can download them here.

Well, that’s the result!

Posted by: Alexandra Fomicheva

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