The eyes are the mirror of the soul …

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a beautiful reflection in your eyes.

Open the photo with the eyes. In this case, the eye will be one.

Find a picture that will be reflected:

Cut a butterfly from the background. It will be easy to do here, as the background is white.
We take a magic wand and click on the white space.

After push Shift + Ctrl + I, so that the selection focuses only on the butterfly. Next tool move drag the butterfly on the eye.

Push Ctrl + T, to transform the butterfly. Reduce and rotate a little.

With the eraser, we delete areas that extend beyond the edges.

After we reduce the butterfly layer the transparency to 60%
and play with layer blending modes.

I advise you to try everything of course! Personally, I liked the action of the three: Light replacement, Overlap and soft light.

Specifically, in this lesson, applied the “Overlap” and that’s what happened.

This is what happened to the guest of our site Irina:

See you at www.!

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