The queen of the ocean

Want to learn how to create a gorgeous photoshop collage – The Queen of the Ocean? Then start learning this lesson!

The final result of this lesson is:

Open the picture:

Use Tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) in add mode to selection, to make a selection like this, set Feather = 10 px:

Click Shift + Ctrl + I, to make the selection inversion
Next, apply Filter-> Blur-> Radial Blur
(Filter -> Blur -> Radial blur), make the same settings:

You’ll get this result:

Click Ctrl + M, to open Curves, set the following parameters:

The picture now looks brighter.

Click Ctrl + U, select Cyans (Blue) and set the following parameters:

Click Ctrl + J, to duplicate a layer, click Ctrl + U select Yellow (Yellow), set the parameters:

Create a new layer, select as the main color # EC008C, gently soft brush paint over the lips of the girl. Set the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) opacity 80%

At this stage, the result will be as follows:

Now we are going to retouch the skin of the girl, press Ctrl + B, to open Color Balance

We get:

Open the fish image:

Use Tool , to make a selection with Feather = 10 px, like that:

Move the image with the fish to the image with the girl, set the blending method to Lightening (Screen) opacity 80%

Click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the layer, you can use Free Transform to resize the image (Ctrl + T)

Open the images of three more fish, separate them from the background and drag them onto the images:

Find a beautiful texture with bubbles on the Internet, drag it onto our image and set the blending method to Soft light (Soft light) opacity 40%
Use Eraser , to remove part of the texture from where the girl is.

Create a new layer, use the Pen. , to draw a curved line:

Set the white color and brush size to 1 px.
Right click – Select Stroke path (Circle Outline).

Add an “Outer Glow” style to the curve layer.

Create some similar curves:

Create a new layer, use a brush. 3-9 px, to add small circles of different sizes, like this:

Shift + Ctrl + E, to merge all layers further click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the layer.
Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian blur):

Select “copy layer”, change the blending mode to Soft light opacity 80%

The final result:

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