The world of harmony in Photoshop

In this lesson, we will combine an texture, symbolizing peace and harmony by combining textures, brushes, stock images, 3D, light effects and text.

Final result:

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Materials for the lesson:

To begin with, we will define the background color. I chose green and brown. Create two gradient layers and apply a layer mask to the brown one (button Add layer mask (Adds a layer mask) located at the bottom of the layers panel to create a soft transition between colors. Green and brown colors will give the work a natural atmosphere.

Now we need a tool Brush tool (Brush) (B). We can create interesting effects using standard Photoshop brushes with adjusted settings. Shape dynamics (Dynamics of form) and Other Dynamics (Another dynamic).

To create your own brush, you must find a suitable form (for example, some kind of leaf or pebble) and place it on the working paper. The maximum size of the brush that can be created in Photoshop is 2500х2500 px, so we create a new document of exactly this size, then with a brush, which we previously set up, we begin to draw something abstract. Then fade and, if necessary, adjust the contrast. After that, go Edit – Define Brush Preset (Editing – Define a brush). Congratulations, you’ve created a brush! Hit F5 and find it, you can adjust its parameters as you like. If you are unable to create your own brush, you can search the Internet for ready-made texture of good quality and experiment with its contrast and blending modes to achieve the desired result.

Now, using our brush, we begin to draw on a new layer, adjusting the opacity (opacity) and flow (pressure) of the brush. We get the following textural background:

Now we load the following symbol of the world:

We import it into Photoshop and place it on the working document, duplicate the layer several times and move the copies a little to one side. Decrease opacity (opacity) of the first layer to 20%. The next layer is up to 30%. Move it to the right by 20px. Thus, we will create the illusion of depth. I also created a layer with a dark green stroke of 1px width and fill (fill) 0%. From this stage will largely depend on the result that you get in the end. Since I wanted to achieve a 3D effect, I created a shadow using Layer – Layer Style (Layer – Layer Style), several layers with colored symbols and a layer with a stroke, to which I applied a gradient.

I added an image of glasses and with the help of a brush some abstract circles and stars.

We must create a shadow for the sign to show that it does not hang in the air, but stands on the ground. To do this, take a soft round brush in black, create a new layer under the layers with a sign and draw a black spot with a brush, then compress it from the top and bottom (CTRL + T).

Drawing water, one of the interesting points in the design. Using Pen tool (Pen) (P), we will create a blue shape and apply overlay parameters to it. Then, using a splash stock image, create a splash effect.

Photos of fish I took from the website
Using Color balance (Color balance) (CTRL + B) and Curves (Curves) (CTRL + M), I added bluish fish.
The falling water is created using the stock photo you see below.

Now we have to add light effects. The light will be located behind the symbol. We will create this effect using a sunset photo. Load it in Photoshop and transfer it to the working paper. Create layer mask, we invert it (CTRL + I) and erase the extra areas of the mask with a white brush.

I found a photo of afro-girls on the Internet (ShutterStock or StockXpert). As with the other stock images, we create layer mask , pen (P) create a path around the girl, then convert the path to the selection (right-click and select Make selection (Create selection)) and press CTRL + X.

We create blue and orange light lines on the girl’s head using special brushes. If you don’t have them, you can create a selection using Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) (M), then fill it with a gradient and an eraser (E) to gently erase the edges to create a soft transition.

Inscription Flower power I found on the website You can use any text that will fit your composition.

Now we need to slightly increase the contrast using adjustment layers. You can change their opacity, erase unwanted areas to get a good result. I added some color using Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map), then Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and Levels (Levels).

We will create ripples in the water using a stock image. Paste it on the working document, change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening) and place under the sign. Please note that the adjustment layers that we recently created should be above all previous layers.

To add lilies, we find the right photo, cut a flower and transfer it to the working document, placing it in the water and creating a neat soft shadow. Using photos of cosmic dust, you can create a wonderful effect of magic haze.

Now we find a photo of a crab, cut it out and place it on a working paper. Then go Layer – Layer Style – Color Overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Overlap Color).

For more contrast, add paper texture, change the blending mode to Overlay and reduce opacity (opacity) and fill (fill) up to 20%.

And finally, add a cosmic texture to create some noise. Set the blending mode to Screen (Lightening) and opacity (opacity) 40%. Create layer mask and remove the excess.

It’s all. The composition you see is called “Flower Power” and it was created for Paulo Canabarro from

(click on image to enlarge)

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