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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll remove unwanted objects from a photo.

This photo completely does not fit the blue spot on the left. We need to urgently eliminate it!

Here’s what I got as a result:

Now consider the process of work:

1. Scale the area in which you will conduct the liquidation work.

2. Take the Clone / Stamp tool

The process of removing unwanted objects will consist in the fact that we will clone the pixels from the nearest image areas and increase them to new places (where the unwanted object is located)

The tool works like this: go to a clean area (which will then be located at the site of the object), hold down the Alt key and click on this place. This means that you have cloned a site.
Move to the object and click on it.

Here’s what the corrected version will look like:

In the same way we brick up all the blue parts:

Remember the following instructions:

1. The more often you define a cloning area, the better.

2. Try to keep the cloned area ideally in the new location. For what it is necessary to consider light / shadows, shades of color, etc.

3. To make the cloned area look more homogeneous at the end, use the necessary tools:

– blur,
– blackout,
– lightening
– finger,
– sponge
– sharpness.

4. Remember that the stamp tool works like a brush, which means it can also change its size and hardness !!!

5. Good luck and patience!

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