Toning photos using action in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will work on quickly toning a photo using the Photoshop operations window. Let’s start!


Step 1

Select a photo on which we want to work and open it in Photoshop. Then open the Operations window. To do this, go to the menu Window – Operations (Window – Action), or to quickly navigate, press the key combination Alt + F9.

Step 2

In order to start recording a new action, click on the icon Create a new operation (New action) at the bottom of the operations pane. In the window that appears, specify the name of the action “Lomo effects”, and then click the “Record” button.

Step 3

The first change we add is the adjustment layer. Curves (Curves). The settings that I use, you can see in the screenshot below, but you can choose the values ​​to your own taste.

The second adjustment layer I use is Gradient fill (Gradient fill).

Set the gradient color from # fc2c2c to transparent, and the angle value is “-100”. In order to apply the adjustment, click “OK”.

Now go to the Layer style tab and set the blending mode to Screen (Screen). Lower the opacity of the gradient layer to 90%.

Step 4

Select both adjustment layers and merge them into a single group called “Effects”. In order to complete the recording of the action, click on the icon Stop playback \ recording (Stop).

Step 5

Action is ready! Now you can apply a set of effects to any other photo. Below, you can view a small video in which I use this recorded set of operations for the original photo “Model 2”

Translator’s note: your new set of operations (action), you can find in the list of operations pane. To start, find the folder with the name of the operation you just recorded, and then click “Perform an active operation \ command”

This lesson is over! I hope you find it useful.
Adjust the settings and create unique effects for your shots!
Also, you can download the source file for the lesson in which you will find several options for rendering.

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