Turn a photo into a picture in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this tutorial you will learn how to turn an ordinary photo into a picture using a new tool in Photoshop cs5, which is called Mix brush (Mixer Brush).
Here is what we will create:

Entry from the author:
Before the Photoshop cs5 version was released, it was quite difficult to turn photos into paintings. Now that this version has appeared, we have several new tools, but basically we will only use filters and tools. Mix brush (MixerBrush). With this tool, masterpieces can be created in minutes.

Step 1. Let’s first open the photo. The author used the photo, which can be downloaded here. But you can of course use your photos.

Duplicate the background layer by clicking Cmd / Ctrl + J or dragging a layer to the layer creation icon in the layers palette.

Step 2. Now “take” our tool. Find a tool Brush (Brush) and hold down the left mouse button on the tool icon (you can also just click the right mouse button) to open other tools. Find Mix brush (Mixer Brush) and click on the tool name to activate it.

Select the desired brush. In the image area, right-click to open the brush palette.

Choose a brush called Round fan with thick bristles (Round Fan with a tick beard).

Adjust the brush. Press key F5 or click on the settings icon (in the image below it is circled in orange).

In the dialog box, change the settings for the brush.

(click on image to enlarge)

Check mode again Airbrush (Airbrush) must be enabled.

Choose a fairly large brush size, the author chose 177 pixels. Let’s start with the tree. Turn leaves into a picture in a circular motion, an example can be found here. You should have something similar, something like the image below:

Use this technique on the other side of the tree.

Step 3. Let’s continue on the tree trunk. This time we will use a slightly different technique, which starts from one point and is carried to another. For this, the author used two brushes, one of the previous steps (with the same settings) and one other – Round pointed with hard bristles (Round Point with stiff bristles).

(click on image to enlarge)

Your image should look something like this.

Step 4. Now we will work with the fence.

This is what the image should look like.

Now carefully work out the details in a circular motion on the tree and the fence (use a small brush on the fence).

Step 5. Now start drawing on the grass in a circular motion. Also change the brush settings to get a more diffuse effect.

(click on image to enlarge)

Your image should look something like this.

Step 6. Now take the tool Sharpness (Sharpen),select a brush size of 400 pixels. Walk through the image to add sharpness.

If you think that you have overdone it a little, you can always weaken the effect by going to the menu Editing> Loosen: Sharpen Tool (Edit> Fade Sharpen Tool). The author has weakened the effect to 45%:

Your image should look like this:

Step 7. Now, in order to make our picture more artistic, we will apply several artistic filters. The first is Filter> Imitation> Dry Brush (Filter> Artistic> Dry Brush) and enter the parameters: Brush size (Brush Size) – 0, Detailing (Specification) – 10, Texture (Texture) – 3. Now, if necessary, loosen the filter (an example of this action can be viewed in the previous step), the author has weakened the filter to 35%.

Apply the second filter – Filter> Blur> Surface Blur (Filter> Blur> Surface Blur), enter parameters: Radius (Radius) – 3, Isohelium (Threshold) – 4.And again, if necessary, loosen the filter (up to 15%).

Our picture is ready! Try various photos, brushes and techniques, and you will succeed!

Author: Wassim Ouarts

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