Turn a photo into a picture using Photoshop

Hello, in this lesson we will create an operation (Action), which allows you to quickly transform your photos into paintings, in the style of impressionism.



Pick an image to base your work. The author of this lesson chose a painting by the famous impressionist painter “House of Parliament at Sunset”.

Note: In the archive you will find a picture of Claude Monet and an alternative version of the photograph for the lesson.

Step 1

It is necessary, for a start, to change the size and resolution of your image, for a better result, after applying filters. Choose a tool Crop tool (C) (Frame tool), adjust the tool: leave the cropping width field empty, set the height to 750 pixels, resolution to 150 pixels / inch.

Then adjust the borders of the frame as shown below. And remove the clipped pixels of the document.

Step 2

Open the window Actions (Operations). In the right menu, select New set (New set).

In the window that appears, enter the name of the new set of operations.

In this set, by clicking the same menu, select New action (New operation). After the window appears, with the settings of the operation, click Record (Record). The recording of all your actions in the Adobe Photosop environment will begin, which will be signaled by a red light at the bottom of the window Actions (Operations).

Step 3

In the window Layers (Layers) select the main layer with the image and press the key combination Ctrl + J. Change the name of the layer to “Brush”. Next, open the settings Image – Adjustments – Match Color (Image – Correction – Choose color). Image options (Image parameters) leave the standard, but Image Statistics(Image statistics) in the graph Source (Source), select the previously open image “House of Parliament at Sunset”. Click OK.

Step 4

Again create a duplicate, but already edited layer and rename it to “Pointillism”. Open the filter Filter – Pixelate – Pointillize (Filter – Design – Pointillism). Cell size (Cell size) change to 3.

Change layer opacity to 50%.

Step 5

Let’s go back to the Brush layer, select this layer. Open up Filter Gallery. In section Artistic (Imitation) select effect Dry brush (Dry brush). Configure the filter as shown below.

Step 6

Click on the “Pointillism” layer. In the bottom window menu Layers (Layers) click on Create new fill or adjustment layer (Create a new adjustment layer or a fill layer) and select Levels (Levels).

In the window Properties (Properties) change the input level level shadows and highlights, moving the sliders, as shown below. Then in the window Actions (Operations) Click the Stop Play / Record button.

On this record of all your actions stops, as well as the lesson. To play a recorded operation, you must click on the button “Performs an active operation or command” in the window pane. Actions (Operations). Open your image and transform it in the style of impressionism.

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