Turn the photo into 2-3-4 color

In this lesson you will learn how to transform an ordinary photo into a two-color, three-color, and even four-color image.

So, open the photo in Photoshop.

Before we color an image, we need to remove all the old colors in the photo, that is, discolor it.

Go to the menu Image – Mode – Grayscale (Image – Mode – Grayscale).

In the window that appears, click on OK (if you have CS2) or on “Cancel” (if CS3)

The image will become black and white.

Now go to the menu again. Image – Mode – Duplex (Image – Mode – Duotone)

Before you will appear the plate “Duplex parameters”, where you can set how many colors will be displayed on your image, and what colors it will be.

Below you see an example when two colors were used to color a black and white image – blue and pink.

Next to each paint there is a thumbnail of a curve, clicking on it will open the Duplex Curve window. Here you can “put” paint on the photo at your discretion.

As a result, we get the following image:

Another option with the use of three colors (Tritone):

Here, the curves of each color are set in such a way that brown paint fills the darkest areas of the photo, pink – medium shades, and yellow covers the light.

By changing the curves, adding new points, you can achieve very bright and unusual combinations.


And now try to make yourself a regular photo of 2, 3 and 4 color images.

Good luck!

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