Turning a girl into a cyborg in photoshop

?In this tutorial we will create an amazing futuristic illustration. You will learn how to transform an ordinary portrait photograph into an interesting image of a cyborg, and create an unusual atmosphere.

Final result:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) 2000×2000 pixels with a resolution of 200 pixels / inch. Name the file “Cyber-Eve”.

Step 2

We will start with the background. Insert an interesting image of the polk in our document through the menu File> Place (File> Place).

Step 3

Activate mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) and change the layer as shown below. Position the black line just to the right of the center.

Step 4

Need to slightly reduce the amount of noise. Convert layer to smart object (Filter> Convert for smart filters) (Filter> Convert for Smart Filters). Then apply the filter Reduce noise (Filter> Noise> Reduce Noise) (Filter> Noise> Reduce Noise). Set it up like this:

Step 5

Now increase the sharpness. Apply filter Sharpening (Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen) (Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen). This filter has no settings, and the changes will be minor.

Step 6

To create a depth of field, we add a blur. Since we are working with a smart object, the smart filter mask will affect all filters. If we add a blur filter now, and then erase it in certain places, we will lose the effects from the previous filters. Therefore, our smart object needs to be placed in another smart object. Do this through the context menu.

After that apply filter Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Step 7

Now you need to remove the blur from the foreground. Create a new layer. (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N). Choose a 500 pixel brush with 70% opacity. Set the default colors (D) and click on the smart filter mask.

Remove blur from both sides.

Step 8

The background is too dark at the moment. Now we will lighten it and slightly change the tonality. Create an adjustment layer Curves (Curves) and change the line as shown in the screenshot.

Step 9

Create an adjustment layer Selective color correction (Selective Color). With it, we get rid of the excess green and blue.

Step 10

Now we will do something for the future. In the center of the canvas is too noticeable shadow. We will brighten this area with a gradient. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G): From basic to transparent, Radial style, opacity – 40%. Set color # 2793a1 as primary on the toolbar.

Create a small gradient blur:

Step 11

It’s time to add a model. Paste it into our document and resize:

Step 12

Tool Fast selection (Quick Selection Tool) (W) highlight the background layer of the girl. Be careful that the girl’s clothes do not enter the limits of the selection. Invert selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).

Open the panel Refine Edge (Refine Edge) (Ctrl + Alt + R). Select View (View) On black (On Black), To clearly see the remnants of a light background. Install Smart radius (Smart Radius) 1.7 pixels. Brush around the edges of the hair to remove light particles. Click OK.

Add a mask to the layer with the girl.

Step 13

A little work on the shadows and light on the girl. Create a new layer. (Ctrl + Shift + N): mode Overlap (Overlay), 50% gray fill, turn on clipping mask.

Step 14

Tool Dimmer (Burn Tool) (O) we will strengthen the shadows as a tool Clarifier (Dodge Tool) (O) – light. In the setting, set the range Mid Tones (Midtones) for both tools. Exposition(Exposure) – 30% and 20%.

The main source of light is a window that will be located above, directly above the cyborg. In accordance with this, add shadows and light to the girl now. In the screenshot, blue indicates light areas, red – dark.

Step 15

Now we replace hands on cybernetic. Open the source in Photoshop.

Tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) (L) Highlight the first form for a bent arm. Transfer it to the main document tool Move (Move Tool) (V), or use copy / paste (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V).

Step 16

In mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) change the size of the arm and put it in place.

Insert another part of the hand and do the same with it.

Now brush:

Step 17

Now the second hand, which should be behind the girl.

Insert a couple more fragments on hand and set the blending mode Soft light (Soft Light).

Step 18

Choose a tool Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) (S). Holding Alt, determine the source of the cloning. These are areas on clothes from the back and sides of the model. Transfer them to other places where there is no fabric texture.

Step 19

Customize tool Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) (S), as shown in the screenshot. The result can be viewed below.

Step 20

Now add shadows to the clothes. Create a new layer for the girl.

Choose a 250 pixel brush with 45% opacity. In black, add a shadow under the arm.

Step 21

Combine the layers of the cyborg’s left hand into a group (Ctrl + G). Create a copy of the group (Ctrl + J) and put it in one layer (Ctrl + E).

Set the blending mode of the resulting layer to Soft light (Soft Light) and reduce the opacity to 60%.

Step 22

Add a mask to the group, select a hard brush with a size of 200 pixels and erase part of the shoulder.

Step 23

Now we will make the hand visible through the T-shirt. Reduce the opacity of the brush to 50% and erase part of the hand over the T-shirt.

It is very important that the layer be in place. If you move it, you need to go back to step 21 again.

Step 24

Create a new layer above the hand group with a clipping mask. Choose a brush of 175 pixels and draw black shadows in marked places with black:

Reduce the opacity to 50% and add more shadows on the new layer. Reduce the opacity of the second layer to 45%.

Step 25

We are done with a hand. Later we will improve the shadows, but now we need to add other objects. Insert an apple into our document. Change its size and put in your hand.

Highlight apple background tool Magic wand (Magic Wand Tool) (W). Invert selection (Ctrl + Shift + I) and add a mask to the apple layer.

Step 26

The apple should rest in the palm of your hand. Transform the apple layer into a smart object. Add a mask and hide the part of the apple that overlaps the fingers. To make it easier to paint, pre-select the brush layer.

Add a couple of leaves on an apple. Combine the leaves on one layer.

Step 27

Now we will improve the shadows and light on the cyborg. At the very top create a new layer in the mode Overlap (Overlay), filled with 50% gray. Reduce the layer opacity to 70%.

Highlight the right hand of the girl. Exclude from the selection the girl herself (Ctrl + Alt + click on the mask). Then add the second hand to the selection (Ctrl + Shift + click on the layer thumbnail).

With the help of lightening and darkening tools (as in the 14th step) strengthen the shadows and light. Remove selection (Ctrl + D).

Step 28

Now add some light to your fingers and an apple. We did not specifically add light to the apple in the previous step, otherwise now it would be too bright. Create a new layer in mode. Soft light (Soft Light).

Highlight an apple. Choose a soft brush of 400 pixels with 30% opacity. Draw a light on the apple as shown below.

At the moment, all work with the model is over. Next we will add different effects. All layers of cyborg put in a group (Ctrl + G).

Step 29

All subsequent layers should be above the cyborg group. Let’s add a primary light source. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Convert layer to smart object and apply filter. Glare (Filter> Render> Glare) (Filter> Render> Lenses Flare).

Set the blending mode Lighten (Screen) and reduce the opacity to 88%. Place a bright spot between the two walls of the background.

Step 30

Add a little blue to create a feeling of lightness. Create a new layer under the previous layer. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G): from # 06698f to transparent, Radial style. Draw a gradient below the light source as shown below. Reduce the layer opacity to 65% and set the blending mode Lighten (Screen).

Create a new layer under the gradient. Create another gradient at the bottom of the canvas. The starting point of the gradient must be outside the canvas. Reduce the layer opacity to 65% and set the blending mode Chromaticity (Color).

Step 31

Now we will add a polygon pattern. Create a new layer under the girl’s group and reduce the opacity to 75%. Any of the brush polygons fill the corner areas of the background with the color # 40d6ed.

Convert layer to smart object and apply filter. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur).

Remove blur from certain areas to create a depth of field. Use a brush with 40% opacity.

Step 32

To the background pattern the following styles:

Inner glow (Inner Glow): Mode – Lightening, Method – Soft.

External glow (Outer Glow): Mode – Lightening, Method – Soft.

Create a new layer for the pattern. Change the color of the pattern using brushes with the color # f0ff37 and # 0ae53c.

Step 33

Repeat steps 30-32, but only over the cyborg group. Symbols must pass over the face and hands. When they erase the blur from the face and hands, use a brush with 100% opacity. Above the girl’s group, create a new layer, draw the desired pattern, convert the layer into a smart object and simply copy the styles.

Step 34

It remains to do a general color correction. Let’s make the image brighter. Create an adjustment layer Color balance (Color Balance) and configure everything as shown below. Reduce brush opacity to 70%.

The next adjustment layer is Color search (Color Lookup) with 50% opacity. Thanks to him, the colors will become saturated and bright, and the range of white color will increase. All this will positively affect the detail of objects.

Step 35

Create another adjustment layer Color search (Color Lookup) with 50% opacity. Choose another filter this time. The blue color will become brighter, and a faint yellow tint will appear.

Final result:

Download the archive with materials for the lesson

Psd file

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