TV collage

In this lesson we will learn how to create original collages according to all the laws of perspective.

All the pictures and brushes used in this tutorial can be downloaded HERE.

To begin, open the photo with a small TV, take the Pen tool and create here such a contour, which later turn into a selection:

Right click on the contour, select the command Make Selection -> Feather=0.5px -> Ok (Make a selection area – Feather)

Go to menu Select> Save selection> Ok (Selection – Save Selected Area – Yes)

Click Ctrl + D, to deselect.

Open photo 2, move it to the first photo, using the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T) adjust the size of the picture under the TV screen.

Return to the menu Select/ Highlight, select Load selection/ Load selection, select your selection by the name you assigned to it.

A selection will appear:

Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection, click Delete, opacity / opacity layer with a girl reduce to 60%, This is the result:

Open the photo with the image of the chair, use the Pen again to create a high-quality selection, set feathering =0.5px:

Open the photo with a checkerboard floor, transfer the carved chair there, duplicate the layer with the chair and change the blending mode to Color burn (Blackout basics)

In any way you know, cut out the TV and put it on a chair like this:

Open photos 5 and 6, cut out the model.

Move both figures to a document, reduce one and place it near the TV, leave the second in the foreground.

Open photo 7, it will give a special depth and volume to our collage, with the help of Lasso create a selection by hand.
Right click, set the shading value to 10 px.

Move the selected area to the working paper and place under the layers with the girl and the TV.

Create a new layer, set brushes from additional materials, select a brush, as shown in the screenshot:

In the palette, set the white color and apply a brush (Click once on the document). After that go to menu Filter -> Blur -> Radial blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur)

Change the blending mode to Overlay/ Overlap, this result you get:

Use the tool , to create a similar selection:

Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection, fill the selection on the new layer with black.

Download another set of brushes and apply the following:

On the new layer, click on the right corner, Ctrl + T, rotate, repeat the same on the left corner.

The result was an unusual and stylish collage.

P.S. Homework! Add your own shadows from the girls and from the chair with the TV.

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