Two in one!

This Photoshop lesson will tell you a great way to recreate a sequence of actions in one photo.

To create such an effect, photographs taken using a tripod are needed in order for the background to not change from frame to frame.

In this lesson you will learn how to combine several photos into one to show how and where the object was located during the movement. This technique is great for combining sports scenes or any other where there are consistent movements.

So, you have 2 or 3 photos with successive actions on the same background. Open them in photoshop.

1. Select one photo completely (Ctrl + A) and then copy this selection (Ctrl + C), then paste the copied photo on top of another (Ctrl + V).

2. Add a mask to the top layer – for which address
Layer> Add Layer Mask> Reveal All
In the layers panel you should get the same as in the screenshot (white square to the right of the layer):

3. Now select the brush tool. and set the soft brush of large size, opacity at 100%.

4. Then just start drawing. black color in the place where the object is hiding in the bottom photo.
Thus, the object will appear through the mask.

It remains for you to completely clarify the object in the photo so that it looks realistic.

Using this technique and your boundless imagination, you can create incredible things!

Good luck!

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