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In the middle of the II. BC e. The ideal of feminine beauty was considered by Vienna? ra Milo? sskaya (Statue of the goddess of love Aphrodite) by the ancient Greek sculptor Agesandra.

The creator of Venus had no idea that in the future the ideal of female beauty would be 906090. He would have had a stroke if he had seen models that were pacing on the runways in the 21st century. The first thought that would have occurred to him that these girls are simply not healthy.

What to do – these are the times.

Let’s sculpture the great Agesandra blind so that the girl’s figure fits the proportions of our time.

Here is a picture of the wonderful Venus de Milo, which for many centuries has been pleasing the eye of lovers of fine art.

As you can see the chest size 90 – just do not fit.
Waist and hips on the contrary slightly wide.

Change this with a filter. Liquify (Liquefaction / plastics)
Find it in the menu Filter (Filter)

You will see a large window, as if you downloaded a new program! That’s right, here are your tools and your settings.

A bit of theory.

Let’s run through the most frequently used tools:

– Deformation – the very first tool in the panel, looks like a finger, is used more often than all the others, is used for plastic change of shape. We will use it to reduce the waist.

– this is the same as the history brush in Photoshop. Erases all changes you have made to the Liquefaction filter. Returns everything to its original position.

– This tool is used for wrinkling, tightening the image, we will also use it to reduce the waist.

– if the previous tool tightened, the opposite would inflate, expand the image.

Getting to practice:
We begin to increase the chest. Take the tool set brush size 50

We start to just click on the chest as if inflating it.

Here is what I got as a result:

Next in line is the waist and hips. Here you can try two tools. and

If we use , then change brush size to 90

If we take and click on the stomach, you get the effect, as if he was drawn.

Look now at the result, what was the sculpture and how it became:

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