Veiled beauty

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to combine brushes and color effects, which will make anyone gasp at the sight of your work.

Step 1:

Open your photo. How about this?
The picture itself is already looking spectacular!

So let’s get started …

Using tools known to you, create a selection around the girl. When the selection is ready, press Ctrl + J to get the selection to a new layer.

If you turn off the eye at the background layer, it will turn out like this:

Now put the eye back in place!

In the layers palette you should have the same picture:

For further work, you will need to load brushes.

Download them you can HERE.

Unzip the archive, select the brush named Odysee_brush and install it into the program.

Create a new layer in the middle.

Select a brush as shown in the picture:

On the created layer with a white brush, draw something like this:

Wonderful! We continue!

Set brush Green lotus.

Create a new layer at the top.

Take this brush:

Set the color in the palette # c6eaf9 and click on the created layer with a brush. Ctrl + T – rotate the brush and place it in the right place.

I hope you get the sense of working with brushes. Now, at your discretion, continue to fill the space around the girl, using other brushes from the loaded ones.

Step 2:

Take the tool Finger

Select brush: (Chalk / Chalk 60 px) This brush is in Photoshop by default.

Go to Window> Brushes (Window – Brushes) or simply press F5 and set the following settings:

Dynamics of the form:


Duplicate the layer with the cut girl once. Go to the lower copy of the layer with the girl and start processing its edges with the Finger tool:

Change layer blending mode to Color dodge (Lightening basics)

Duplicate the top layer with a copy of the cut out girl, the “copy 2” layer will appear at the top.

Continue smearing around the edges …

Change the blending mode to Softlight (Soft light).

Already not bad! But we continue …

Step 3:

Click on the topmost layer in the palette.

Go to menu Layer> New adjustment layer> Curve (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Curves)

Lower the center of the curve like this:

The image has become more expressive:

That’s not all!

Again Layer> New adjustment layer> Gradient Map (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map)

Try different gradients to your photo, here are some options:

Mode = Overlay / Overlap. Opacity / Opacity = 70%

Mode = Multiply / Multiplication. Opacity / Opacity = 70%

Mode = Soft light. Opacity / Opacity = 60%

So we finished this lesson! Try it now you. Good luck!

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