We conjure with the witch in Photoshop

Halloween is nearing again, so I decided to create a photo manipulation with a night witch. For this collage we have all the basic elements of Halloween: the evil witch, the pumpkin, the bats and the magical forest where spells and other horrible things happen. I hope you decide to learn this new lesson.

Final image

Step 1

Let’s begin our lesson with a picture of the forest, perfect for creepy pictures.

Step 2

Open the layer style dialog box and tick the style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay), use a black and white gradient with the following settings:

Step 3

Now let’s add the witch image to our PSD file. You need to cut the witch. The best way to remove a background is to use the selection tool; I prefer Pen tool (Pen) as the most accurate selection tool that Photoshop has to offer.

Step 4

Do not worry about the hair area, because we are going to replace them. So you can do a rough cut around the hair.

Step 5

As I said in the previous step, it is time to do your hair. For this, I will use colored strands. All you need to do is save the image in PNG format and place it in Photoshop. It will be added as a smart object, so you have to click on it with the right mouse button and rasterize it.

Step 6

Resize and rotate the image so that it looks natural. Use EraserTool (Eraser) to remove unwanted areas as shown.

Step 7

Now we need to add adjustment layers only for the hair layer to make hair strands of the same color as the original hair. Add adjustment layers Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) with the following parameters: right click on it and select Create Clipping Mask (Create Clipping Mask).

Step 8

Add a new layer above the witch layer and transform it into a clipping mask. Take Brush (Brush) black to darken this area:

Step 9

Now let’s add a second strand of hair, repeating the same steps.

Step 10

Group all the layers with the witch into a smart object and rename it to Witch. Add the following layer styles to the new smart object:

Step 11

Duplicate the smart object Witch. Decrease Fill (Fill) a new smart object to 0% and add a layer style InnerShadow (Inner Shadow):

Step 12

Create a new layer on top of all other layers and name it. Shadow; take a soft round Brush (Brush) black and just draw the effect of the drop shadow.

Step 13

In this step we will add pumpkins around the witch. Download image of pumpkin. Make five copies. Add each pumpkin on a separate layer.

Step 14

Add the following layer styles to the four pumpkins that are marked in the screenshot below:

Step 15

Let’s add some layer styles for the last pumpkin.

Step 16

Add some bats near the lamp. Take one or two forms of bats and display them as realistic as possible. Apply adjustment layer Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) to darken the image. In addition, add a layer style. InnerShadow (Inner Shadow) with the following settings:

Step 17

Take a soft round Brush (Brush) white with Opacity (Opacity) 25% to draw a pumpkin eyes. To make the eyes glow in the dark, add layer styles. Outer Glow (External Glow) and Inner glow (Inner Glow).

Step 18

Create a new layer and name it. Glowing lights. Take a soft round again. Brush (Brush) white with Opacity (Opacity) 25% to create light around the lamp. Use the same layer styles that you used in the previous step.

Step 19

You can create your own brush for lights using the brush settings. Use the parameter Dynamics Shape (The dynamics of the brush) and increase Size jitter (Size fluctuation) 65%. Also install Scatter (Dispersion) 500%, as shown.

Step 20

Create a new layer and pick up a White Stars brush to add a little shine. Set the blending mode for this layer. Overlay (Overlap). You can also use a soft round brush to enhance the pumpkin of its glowing eyes.

Step 21

Step 22

Create 3 more layers and name them. Glare. Set the blending mode of each layer. Overlay (Overlap). Use a soft round brush of white color with different opacity to add highlights to different areas (on the girl’s face, hands, hat, pumpkin, etc.).

Step 23

If you want, you can create a new layer to add a bokeh effect around the lamp. Set the layer blending mode to Lighten (Replacing light) or Screen (Screen).

Step 24

Let’s add more light effects around the witch to create a brighter and more magical image. There is a huge selection of free light textures and brushes that you can download.

Step 25

I decided to use this beautiful abstract light texture, but you can choose any other light effect you want. Copy the texture in Photoshop, set the blending mode Lighten (Replace with light) and add an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) for this texture.

Step 26

Make another copy of the light texture layer and position it as shown. Specify the same settings and add an adjustment layer. Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) for this texture layer with the following settings. For each of the two layers, you can add a layer mask and simply hide some areas using a soft black round brush with different opacities.

Step 27

As you probably noticed, the images we added have different color tones and are not combined together. To fix this problem, we will add an adjustment layer. Gradient (Gradient). Go to menu Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient (Layer> Fill New Layer> Gradient) and select a gradient or you can use the quick access button at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 28

Set the blending mode for the fill layer. Color (Chromaticity). For the gradient, we will use only two colors: # ecb227 and # 0f4250.

Step 29

Our collage is almost complete. We just need to make some adjustments and add lighting effects. So create a new layer and fill it with any color. Install Fill (Fill) 0% and add layer style GradientOverlay (Gradient Overlay) with the following settings. We are actually creating a vignette.

Step 30

Transform the vignette into a smart object and right-click on it to rasterize it. Set the blending modeMultiply (Multiplication) with Opacity (Opacity) 73%. Add a layer mask to this layer. Take a soft black brush and just paint over the inside of the mask.

Step 31

Add adjustment layers as a final touch. Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and Vibrance (Vibration) with the following settings; we increase the contrast of the image so that the colors become brighter and juicier.

Step 32

Here is the end result of our Halloween night witches. Hope you enjoyed it.

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