We draw TIGROLika

In this Photoshop tutorial, at the request of one visitor to the site, we will turn the rabbit into a tiger cub.

Here are two photos I worked with:

I agree that the photo with the rabbit is more than successful, because it is almost already a tiger cub, only without stripes. Such redhead still search :)

We proceed to the transformations.

Photo with a tiger reduce to 250 pixels wide. Take the tool and move the tiger to the photo with the rabbit.

Reduce the opacity of the tiger layer and align the two images. It is necessary to achieve such a result that the eye and forehead of the tiger coincide with the similar parts of the rabbit.
If necessary, use the tool free transformation (Ctrl + T)

Take the eraser , set the brush medium hard and remove excess parts of the photo with a tiger.

Or change the brush eraser to a softer and more opaque and start gently processing the rabbit fur. Walk along the edges of the eye, the whole body. Soften, where necessary, the transitions from tiger fur to rabbit.

Long tiger mustache will have to erase, while unfortunately the fur will also be removed.

Let’s do the masking rabbit breast.
Cut a piece of wool from a tiger’s face:

Move to the rabbit and “paste” in the ways you already know.

Cut another slice and move it to the rabbit, which with each of our movements less and less reminds us of this animal.

See what we have done!

This animal is called TIGROLIK.

Send your tigrolik. We will multiply!

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