We eliminate skin imperfections in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this lesson you will learn how I retouch the skin in the photo, removing the flaws. This is my first lesson and I hope that he will help you in retouching. The photo I use in the lesson is taken from the ChristopherMurrStock stock.



First of all, open the photo, which we will retouch.
Do not cut it, as you have to use history brush tool (Tool “Archive brush”) and if you cut the photo, you can not use the tool. Crop can be done after retouching or, after cropping, save the photo and re-open it in Photoshop.

Step 1. Remove the noise.

Remove the noise: Filter / Noise / Reduce Noise (Filter / Noise / Reduce Noise).
This action will make your photo more blurry, as you can see below.

Set Strengt (Intensity) to 10 and set the remaining settings to 0%.

If you want to add more blur, you can use Advanced reduce noise (put a tick on “Advanced”).

Here you can choose any of the channels (red, green, blue) and also install Strengt (Intensity) by 10 and Details (Save details) at 0%. I also want to note that these values ​​are determined by the quality of the photo itself.

Step 2. Patch tool (Patch tool)

This tool allows you to get rid of skin imperfections, creating a more fresh look.

Step 3. History Brush (Tool “Archive Brush”)

To give your skin a natural look, you can use History brush tool (Tool “Archive Brush”) with an opacity of 30%.

After use History brush tool (Archival Brush tool) with 100% opacity to restore the original sharpness of the eyes, lips, hair and nose.

Step 4. Add noise.

Add noise: Filter / Noise / Add Noise (Filter / Noise / Add Noise).
In the settings specify Amount (effect) – 0.5
Distribution – uniform
Put a tick on Monochromatic (monochrome).

Step 5. Sharpness.

Add sharpness: Filter / Sharpen / Smart sharpen (Filter / Sharpness / Smart sharpness).

In the settings, select Advanced (Advanced). On the Sharpen tab (Sharpen) set Amount (effect) 500%, Radius (radius) 0.8 pixels.

That’s all. I hope that this lesson will help you make a natural skin retouching.

Here are some more examples of skin retouching, I hope you will like them.

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