We turn ourselves into a movie star.

The final result:

This lesson shows you how to add another person to the poster, step by step, with detailed explanations on how to handle all the smallest details. You will look like a real star!

Let’s start with the selection of a suitable poster on which you would like to see yourself. For example, you can use the Twilight movie poster (download here) or any other poster from your favorite movie. Now we need a face that we will insert. This lesson uses the face of a young girl (download here), you can also use your photo. Next, to cut a face from the background, use Polygonal Lasso Tool (Polygonal Lasso) (L).

Click Ctrl + C, to copy the selected area, and then open the picture with the movie poster and paste the face Ctrl + Von a new layer. If you need to turn the face to a suitable position and resize it, then use the free transform by clicking Ctrl + T or by going Edit>Free Transform (Edit> Free Transform).

After that we can proceed to the next step. Use the tool Eraser (Eraser) (E) With a soft brush with a diameter of about 50 pixels to soften the edges of the face.

As you can see, the complexion is slightly different from the color on the poster. To solve this problem, let’s go Image> Adjustments> Color Balance (Image> Correction> Color Balance) and set the settings as below:

Now the face looks much better. We got the right face tone!

Further we use Dodge tool (Clarifier) to lighten some parts of the image with the following settings:
Brush (Brush): 30px
Range: Midtones (Mid Tones)
Exposure: thirty%

The difference is immediately visible:

Now you need to darken some parts of the face. Choose Burn tool (Dimmer) (O) with the following parameters:
Brush size (Head Diameter): 25 px
Range: Midtones (Mid Tones)
Exposure: 40%
Here is the result that you should get:

Go to the next step. We will add a shadow on the left side of the face. Create a new layer and use Polygonal Lasso Tool (Polygonal lasso). Make a selection as shown in the image below and fill it with the brown color # 1d0d08.

Remove selection by clicking Ctrl + D and go Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur):
Radius: 3.8 pixels (pixels)
Change Blending mode (overlay mode) on Multiply (Multiply).

Now is the most difficult part of the lesson. It is necessary to erase unnecessary parts of the shadow from the face with Eraser (Eraser) (E) with a soft brush, changing its size to make the shadow look realistic. For newbies to working with Photoshop, achieving a realistic result will be a little more difficult, but you have to try it anyway. It should get something like this:

We are done! Now you look like a real actress!

Original poster:

The result of the lesson:

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