We won! Sochi 2014

More recently, it became known that Russia will be the mistress of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Cheers, comrades!

Photoshop-masters simply could not pass by such an event. Especially because everyone is keen on sports.

We express our boundless joy in the form of the next Photoshop tutorial.

I took this photo from the official site of SOCHI-2014:

And I did this to her:

How do you want to call this photo effect: “Mad Joy”, “Built in Eyes”, “Helicopter”, etc. Write your version in the comment.

So, exposing Photoshop-focus begins!

All have long opened the photo in Photoshop, take the tool – Pen () Pen tool, zoom in and begin to select the girl in the contour mode .

When you touch the last point, then around the girl you will get a thin solid line.

Right-click inside the contour and select the command Make selection (make a selection)

As ordered, it just happened!

Click Ctrl + J, to copy the selection to a new layer.
As you can see, a new layer has appeared:

Repeat the action to create two copied layers.

And now we will work very carefully, so as not to get confused in layers.

In theory, we now have 1 main image, on top of which are two transparent layers with the image of a girl.

Let’s hide one layer for a while (click on the upper layer eye)

With the copy layer active, click Ctrl + T, to cause the tool free transformation.

A square frame will appear. If you move the cursor to the corner, then you will see a curved arrow. Rotate the image a few degrees to the right. Click Enter, to apply the transformation.

To facilitate the work, reduce the transparency of the rotated layer (I have this Layer 2) on 50%

Now we need to remove the transparent areas that cover the main image of the girl. Thus we get the effect as if the transparent girl is behind the main one.

This can be done again with the Pen tool.
As before, select the places where transparent parts are superimposed, translate into selection, and click Delete.

You can increase the transparency to 90%
Allocation, by the way, still is useful to us – it should be saved.
Go to the menu Select, then in Save selection, there we give the name to our selection.

So, the first pair is ready.

Now you need to add another girl.

Open the eye to that layer. Again we use the tool free transformation – we turn. Reduce transparency to 50%.

Load the saved selection:
Save – Load Selection – further choose from the list Channel the name of your selection.

The previous selection will appear – click Delete. Some areas of the transparent girl will be deleted. The rest correct with an eraser or in any other way.

It is possible that the transparent girl is still in the middle. It must be put on the last place. Why change the two layers in some places.

For example, I have a layer Layer 2 copy – this is a transparent girl. Now I put it in last place.

Increase her transparency to 70-80%

Correct the flaws (if any) by switching from layer to layer.

A painstaking lesson – I do not argue. Hope you handled it!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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