What a snowy summer has turned out!

This Photoshop tutorial in just a couple of steps will show you how to add real frost and snow to a photo.

This technique is best suited to photographs depicting nature, but no one forbids you to try and experiment with other photos!

Here is a picture for the lesson:

Create a new adjustment layer “Channel mixer“(Channel Blending). Click this icon at the bottom of the layers palette and select “Channel Mixer”.

A pop-up window will pop up, click on OK at this time to close it.

Change the blending mode to “Lighten“(Replacing light)

Now open the “Channel Mixer” window and make the following settings:
First check the box next to Monochrome.

Not the fact that the image you have will look the same as in the lesson. Since the settings for each photo are individual, they depend on the light in the photo.

Therefore, work a little more with the settings “Blue” (Blue Channel) and “Constant” until you are satisfied with the result.

Here are examples of experiments on the settings “Blue” and “Constant”

There is almost no snow here:

A bit more!

Lots of!

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