What are the people in Hollywood?

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how you can easily turn a regular photo into a real glamor.

Here is what we will do now:

Start by opening a good quality photo.
Do not use here blurry photos or photos taken from a distance, because our end result will be blurred by itself.

Duplicate this image several times so that if you do something wrong, there is a fallback.

To begin, we will repaint it!

We need to highlight hair. Do it in any way convenient for you.
You can take the tool Magic Wand and select the hair in the “add” mode (see screenshot)

Go to menu Image >> Adjustments >> Hue / Saturation (Color / Saturation) or click Ctrl + U

Set the same settings in the window if your photo is blonde. Hair color now with a brownish tinge.

That’s what we did!

Now let the eyes down. There is nothing difficult here, dear ladies, because you have done this a thousand times (in the real world :). With gentlemen, you are here as equals.

Select tool – Dimmer set brush size
on five pixels, with smooth edges, enlarge the image so that it is more convenient to tint the eye.

Make sure that you are working on a layer that is under a layer with brown hair.

And yet, the ladies are probably easier now – at least they know exactly where to draw!

Lord, have patience, beauty requires sacrifice! Just do not overdo it, we will draw vampires in another lesson!

This is what you should get.

Now we do the same with the lips. Dim them to bright burgundy color.

So we got to the eye:
Create a new layer. Select Tool – Brush with clear edges. Choose a brush size that matches the pupil size of your torture object.

Choose some glamorous color. Used here # 0348f9 – bright blue, absolutely not a natural color for the eyes, that’s what we need.

Slap at once directly on the eyes, as shown in the screenshot below. Zoom the image; take the eraser and remove excess parts that fall for ever.

Set the blending mode to the pupil layer to “Color”

Take any image of flowers. It is desirable that they are immediately separated from the background.

At your discretion, place the flowers in the image. By the way, you can cover with flowers the failed areas, for example, the uneven edge of hair, etc.

Add flowers on the background to create the illusion of a blooming garden.

Merge all the resulting layers into one (Layer – Flattern Image).

Go to menu Filter >> Renders >> Lightening effect
and add a ray of light to the girl’s face.
Set a light beige color for the beam.

And here is the glamorous result!
The photo looks great, is not it?

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