Wheelbarrow for pumping

Step 1. The main thing in this lesson is fantasy and properly selected images. I took these:

Step 2. I need to flip the image horizontally. This is required by the image.

Step 3. Shift two pictures. Hope you know how to do it.

Step 4. Tool Pen cut out the bumper or the part that is needed.

Click the right mouse button on the picture and select:

It turns out the selection.
Choosing a tool Rectangle selection and again right-click on the image and select:

Push delete and it turns out

Step 5. But now the most basic, you need to adjust the size and shape of the bumper to the required proportions of the existing car. This can be done using the Edit – Transform – Tilt (… – Warp) tool and Eraser. It turns out this:

Step 6. Turn off the visibility of the bumper layer and select the car. Only need to allocate without windows and any parts that are not relevant to painting the body.

Form selected area and click ctrl + u the panel will be called Hue / saturation. Then turn on the bumper layer and play with the flowers until you achieve the desired result.

Step 7. Now Eraser need to smooth the edges. To do this, you need to adjust the Eraser: stiffness: 0, transparency: 60-70.

It turns out:

You can also add other details.

Final result:

Here is another option:

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