Will not shine!

Imagine the situation. You made a wonderful photo, and you really like it yourself, if not for one thing BUT! How do all the same shine cheeks and forehead, as if they were rubbed with oil.

The greasy luster on the face sometimes appears at the wrong time …
What to do in this case?

Photoshop will always tell!

I offer you the easiest and most effective way to remove shine.

So, open the photo with which you are going to work.

Take the pipette tool , click next to the white spot to set the color to paint.

Switch to the tool and set her the following settings:
Soft brush, blending mode “Replace dark”, transparency 15-20%

And we begin to paint over white spots, sometimes changing the size of the brush, as well as its color.

Here’s what happened: I removed the spots on my forehead, nose, chin, but left it on my cheek on purpose to show you another way.

The following method is that we will use the tool “Patch”

Select the highlight on the cheek using the patch:

And now this selection is moved to the area with which we want to replace the highlight.

Release the mouse, remove the selection (Ctrl + D) and here is the RESULT:

In addition, you can use other tools for adjustments – this is the “Healing Brush” and “Stamp”.

P.S. Previously, this lesson looked different, but thanks to one Photoshop-master, now he took this form.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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